Black Cloud #1 Capsule Review


Title: Black Cloud #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Jason Latour & Ivan Brandon

Art: Greg Hinkle

Colors: Matt Wilson

Letters: Aditya Bidikar

Cover Artist: Greg Hinkle & Matt Wilson

Review:  ★★★☆☆

What if there was another world you could simply escape to by simply taking a pill.  Sounds like the Matrix huh? So we have Ms. Barrett, who appears to be a young lady of the streets. Black Cloud is a strange tale where Ms Barrett is one thing to us, but what seems like a party trick to others in the story. She can put herself and others into this black and white world of talking animals. The whole time in this world she appears with color and this specific fear of the rain. The title Black Cloud works both ways here. It works well with the main character and rain that tends to shift the story. The artist doesn’t work with photo realism, but more a cartoony style that’s works really well here. I admit though the story is confusing and jumps around so much it’s hard to keep track what’s what. I wouldn’t give up on the story so soon though. I stick in there to see if this goes anywhere cause it’s more than interesting.

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