Extremity #2 Capsule Review

Title: Extremity #2
Publisher: Skybound /Image Comics
Writer:  Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors: Mike Spicer
Letters: Rus Wooten
Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer
Review: ★★★★☆
Issue #2 of Extremity returns us to the aftermath of last issue’s massive battle. Our story starts in flashback mode where the primary protagonist has her extremity removed in a most gruesome scene. This story has never been short on gore. The remainder of the story has the discovery of a long-lost robot. A giant four eyed purple beast and it’s many minions show up to give our local tribe issues. We also better a look at the “bad guys” of the story which includes a metaphorical extremity. It’s all very exciting. Like any action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The next issue should continue battle royal with the antagonists return with further aggression. The artwork continues to be excellent and fun for the reader. The continued narrative that Mr. Johnson provides will definitively be worth the ride.

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