Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2017: Battle of the Cosplayers Poll Winners

Oh Lexington, how do we love thee?  Every year we make it to Lexington Comic and Toy Convention it is an incredible experience thanks to the great crew that runs the convention and the great cosplayers who show up.  This year we saw several regular cosplayers, who at this point we hope and expect to see every time, and plenty of brand new cosplayers showing up in their fabulous costumes.  We certainly saw a diverse group of genre’s represented which makes it hard for us to judge between ourselves what was the best costumes.  That’s typically how it goes, hence why we always invite you to help us decide after who was best cosplayer of the show.  Voting has ended and we are proud to announce this years winners for Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2017 in our latest instalment of Battle of the Cosplayers!

Tied for 10th with 1.21% of the votes, DC Bombshells and Eleven!



9th with 1.46% of the votes, Sith!


8th with 2.18% of the votes, He-Man and Orka!


7th with 3.88% of the votes, Disney Princesses!


6th with 5.1% of the votes, Kylo Ren and General Hux!


5th with 6.07% of the votes, Red Queen!


4th with 7.52% of the votes, Master Roshi!


Cincinnati Comic Expo 2016 Top Three

3rd with 10.44% of the votes, Red Hood!


2nd with 19.17% of the votes, Kaylee Frye and Jillian Holtzmann!


1st with 29.37% of the votes, Green Ranger!


We want to congratulate all of our cosplay winners and thank all of our viewers that voted in the poll!  Of course, a big thank you to all of the great cosplayers that came out with some amazing costumes at Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2017!  We had a wonderful time meeting everyone and snapping pictures of some fantastic Lexington cosplayers!

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