Loose Ends #3 Capsule Review


Title:  Loose Ends #3

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Chris Brunne

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Cover Artist:  Chris Brunner & Rico Renzi

Review:  ★★★☆☆


There’s something to be said about a title:  loose ends is defined as a detail not yet settled or explained. We are three issues in and we have a bar fight, tons of cash, a weird drug house shoot out, and two protagonists on the run. Loose Ends is book that looks fantastic with a pop culture-ish type of style. We continue to get more answers about Sonny’s past. He had spent some time in Iraq as soldier that didn’t do so well in the dusty streets. I believe this possibly sorts out the issues of where the drugs originated and that it also gives us some back story into Sonny’s “friends”.  The Iraq stuff is done with really cool zip-a-tone overlap that gives it a really nice dust look to everything.  Most of this story is focused on Sonny and Cheri. It’s done with very little dialog which allows the beauty art style stand on its own. It brings our characters down to earth as real people;  they enjoy themselves through pampering and carnal activities. The issue ends with a cliffhanger that will lead into issue 4 and our finality that might prove problematic to our characters and tie up the ends.

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