Anno Dracula #1 Capsule Review


Title: Anno Dracula #1 

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Kim Newman

Artist: Paul McCaffrey

Colorist: Kevin Enhart 

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover: Paul McCaffrey, Tom Mandrake, Brian Williamson, Jef Zornow, Michael Collins

Review: ★★★☆☆

Anno Dracula is based on Kim Newman’s novel of the same title that was released originally in 1992. The premise of the story happens to have begun in 1885 where the vampire Dracula had married into the royal family and essentially taken over all of England. It became common place for people to live as vampires. Our story begins with Germany invading England with an attempt to overthrow Dracula. Inventory Thomas Edison tags along to represent the Americans. A group called The Council of the Seven Days has come together to disrupt Dracula’s Tin Jubilee. The council consists of seven colorful characters that really fit well in their surroundings. Anno Dracula announces its four primary female characters that will be developed throughout the story. The artwork is well designed and busy at times. It tends to clutter some of the pages or overload the dialog. Some of the background fully represents a world that has been consumed by vampires.  Its gore and true to its culture. The book in it’s illustrated form is interesting and a good take on the Dracula lore.

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