Update: C2E2 2014: Battle of the Cosplayers Finals 5/8/14

It is hard to believe, but we are finally winding down to the end of our first Battle of the Cosplayers for C2E2 2014!  We wanted to give a quick update and look into how the finals are going with just a few days left.  Are the leaders from the semi-finals still in the lead?  Let’s take a look.

As of press, the villainous Mr. Freeze has the majority of the votes with 16%.  He took the lead for Friday’s semi-finals with 22% as well and in the finals has not relinquished first for several days.  Close behind we have the fury of the Phoenix at 14%.  Sure enough Phoenix took the lead in Sunday’s semi-finals by 22%.  Currently in third we have the kick-ass Hit-Girl with 12% of the votes.  In the semi-finals she was right under Phoenix in second with 16% of the votes.  The two in fourth and fifth respectively are the diabolical Smaug with 9% and the duo of Ryuk and No-Face with 7%.  During the semi-finals the Black Hand had walked away with the lead on Saturday and the most total votes in general from all three days.  He has not seemed to have found a footing in the finals.  Will he be able to make a comeback or be taking a trip back to Arkham?

The poll closes May 12th 11:59 PM EST, but that still gives plenty of time for the rankings to switch.  Remember to show love to your favorite cosplayer by voting for them daily and getting the word out to your friends as well to show their support!  Now get to the poll and perform your duty!

C2E2 2014 Finals 

Don’t forget as well, once you cast your vote for your favorite cosplayer, make sure to enter yourself for our completely free giveaway of three comics we grabbed while covering C2E2!


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