Planetoid Praxis #2 Capsule Review


Title:  Planetoid Praxis #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Ken Garing

Artist:  Ken Garing

Cover Artist:  Ken Garing

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Eight years have passed on Planetoid Praxis. The original settlements have seen some changes that might not sit well with the population. Heliocor is supposedly an evil corporation that has begun developing on Praxis. The last eight years have allowed the young cast to grow into a curious group that explores the new city. They end up having some harsh run-ins with the local alien races. One of their members does not fair so well against a large fellow. The young settlers believe Heliocro had enslaved their ancestors. Ken Garing is creating a nice metaphor with the social issues between two neighboring societies. It’s a nice set up to a potential war, but I honestly wished that so much time hadn’t passed between the two issues. I would think that Garing might give us more back story in future issues. It was just simply hard to see if the settlement had made any further development beyond the paranoia from the last eight years. His artwork is still top-notch and I hope it continues with this style. The settlement has some decisions to make and it’ll be interest to see how it all goes forward.

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