Biff to the Future #2 Capsule Review


Title:  Biff to the Future #2

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Story and Script: Bob Gale & Derek Fridolfs

Artist: Alan Robinson & Jamie Castro

Colorist: Maria Santaolalla

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist: Alan Robinson, Derek Fridolfs, Anthony Marques

Review:  ★★☆☆☆

Last Issue Bob Gale and company gave us the continuing stories of when Biff got the Sports Almanac from old Biff. Biff tackled some set backs and decided that the best thing was to take his winnings and shuffle off to Hollywood. Biff, being the celebrity that he is, makes an appearance at the Oscars for that year. The whole situation is a set up for Biff to connect with the Hollywood folk so he can get his big break as a producer. In the process, Biff meets Burt Lancaster (screws up a character he was), Marilyn Monroe (dates her YIKES!), John Wayne (gets his butt kicked), and Ronald Reagan (mis-quotes him). His run-ins are very Biff like. Biff never seemed like a guy that was a complete sucker, but the Hollywood thing totally screwed him financially. Biff eventually gets his revenge in the aftermath. The McFlys make an additional appearance that creates more motivation for us to see the Biff that we will eventually see. This issue seemed more like the first and did not do much to advance the story. We still want more and at least the look of the cover of the next issue gives me some hope.

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