Sky Doll Sudra #1 Capsule Review


Title: Sky Doll Sudra #1

Publisher: Titan Comics

Story: Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa

Artist: Alessandro Barbucci

Colors: Barbara Canepa with Cyrille Bertin

Translation: Jessica Burton 

Cover: Barbucci, Canepa, Matteo De Longis

Review:  ★★★★☆

From time to time we come across a comic so beautifully illustrated that it must be read. Sky Doll Sundra is one such story. The artwork is gorgeous and lush. Alessandro uses great detail and line work to prevail space and character. All this is complimented by Canepa’s color design. The colors are bright and dark where necessary, keeping the atmosphere of the story all along the same theme.  The story occurs on the planet Sudra which is a world where all religion is accepted. This paradise is not without its fault. Poverty creates a need for the lesser beings to work in the world’s oldest profession and Noa. Noa is the story’s lead character that has the power to heal and perform “miracles”. Noa is a fun character that is designed with a cat face, but more elfish ears with a round shell-like shape for a really interesting design. She survives from the offerings that is provided from her miracles. Noa has a past from her home planet of Aqua. I imagine we will get more back story in with additional issues. There are several other plot lines the are revolving in Sky Doll Sudra. Sky Doll reminds me of stories from Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated, something very beautiful and unique that is not comparable to much else out there right now.

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