Logan Review

Title:  Logan

Director: James Mangold

Review:  ★★★★☆

Recently we dropped our Top 10 The Top 10 Films of 2017 We Can’t Wait To See.  It was a little down on the list, but in retrospect it should have been towards the top.  We all knew going into to the film that the studio was not holding back with the final Wolverine film (at least for Hugh Jackman). As promised, it’s gory as a guy with metal claws coming out of his hands should be. Would you believe it Logan and Charles Xavier also learned to cuss a tad (well a s*** ton) too. Now is that a bad thing for this movie?  Not at all, but certainly hard to get adjust our sensibilities to the blood splatter and profanity compared to the other X films.  Which is to say this is like no other X film you’ve seen, and that is definitely a great thing.

The film is set in 2029 and has the “Old Man Logan” feeling to it. Logan is just a man trying to make a living while taking care of his old friend Chuck. Patrick Stewart has returned to the X-Men world with a load of pain. He suffers seizures that affects all around him. Logan is simply trying to get Charles away from it all. We also get another side mutant with Caliban. Questionable things have happened to the mutants of the world and it seems Logan is trying to live it.

Enter the Reavers, led by Donald Pierce. Pierce is on the hunt for the humanity of the film. That being Laura or X-23, who happens to be a child that was property of a huge corporation in Mexico. Laura has a strong connection to Logan in obvious ways. She brings Logan back down to earth even when she has the dial turned up to 10 plus. Logan gets strapped with her out of need for money and eventually, an even greater cause that he has to grow into.

Despite the violence, the points of humanity that Logan shows us through the film make it a fantastic finish to a somewhat questionable trilogy. It is much better than the last two Wolverine films. Logan is one hell of ride from start to finish, that even with its already extended length, I wouldn’t mind another 30 minutes to see Wolverine do what he does best.

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