Super Bomberman R Review

Publisher:  Konami 

Developer:  HexaDrive

MSRP: $49.99

Rated:  E 10+

Release Date:  March 3rd, 2017

Platforms: Switch

Rating: ★★★☆

Bomberman makes his, nearly, triumphant return to gaming for the Nintendo Switch.  Bomberman has been around forever and not much has changed since then (let’s just forget the blight Bomberman:  Act Zero.)  Super Bomberman R is not looking to change the formula, for better or worse.  With a hefty price tag, is the latest entry worth time on your brand new system?

If you have ever played Bomberman in the past, you’ve played Super Bomberman R.  Its all about blasting bricks and your friends away to be the last one standing on various levels.  Multiplayer is easily the biggest component to the game.  If you are by yourself, it’s still a fun game, but there is nothing like have a room full of people together for some explosive fun.  Luckily this is right up the Switch’s alley as it serves up 8 player local multiplayer, allowing a left or right Joy-Con half to be used as one controller.  If you can’t quite get enough friends over, it also features online play where you can play against some random players or set up your own room and rules for friends.  Beyond the options and types of players, the game sadly doesn’t add much new into the multiplayer.  The rules and options for your matches are the same as they’ve always been and the levels don’t add anything new that we haven’t seen before.

The newest addition is the story mode HexaDrive took great care in adding in.  The story features entertaining cut scenes over several planets you’ll visit to stop some evil bombers under the control of Dr. Buggler.  Each planet contains several levels you’ll make your way through before you face down one of the bombers in an awesome boss battle, which serve as the highlight of the mode.  Unfortunately with around only 50 levels, you will make your way through it within a few hours.

So we return to our question we posed before, is the game worth its steeper than should be $50?  If this had released a little cheaper, this would be a much easier answer.  However, the real determining factor is whether or not you will have some friends to share this with.  Being able to have up to eight friends blasting away makes it a fantastic party game that is well suited for the Switch.  If you are more the lone wolf type or even planning on sticking to the less exciting online, the short story and lack of real additions to the gameplay really just won’t justify the price.


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