Highlander: The American Dream #1 Capsule Review


Title: Highlander: The American Dream #1

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Brian Ruckley

Artist:  Andrea Mutti

Colorist: Vladimir Popov

Letterer: Chris Mowry

Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla, Claudia Gironi

Review:  ★★★☆☆

“There can be only one!”  Hopefully you know the quote and some notion where it originated from. IDW begins its Highlander series with a prequel to the Highlander film itself. Our favorite swordsman, Connor McCloud, takes center stage as an old friend comes calling. As with any of the immortals, they all have several lifetimes of history to unfold. Connor’s old acquaintance allows us to get some back story into The Highlander from the Civil War period. The story reaffirms what we had already learned in the movie itself. It deals with the “not battling on hollow ground” theme. We discover that there was an immortal that didn’t care and didn’t care for the lives he took in the process. It sets up a nice story that will probably carry over to the next issue. I think Brian Ruckley has his plot laid out fairly well and it’ll be interest to see where it goes. Andrea’s artwork is decent but it would be nice if Connor had a better likeness to Christopher Lambert,though that could be from licensing issues. It’ll be interesting to see how far back the story will go to keep our interest.

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