The Top Ten Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need At Launch

Picking up the Switch at launch and deciding your first launch game to play is only the start of your wallet crying for mercy this Friday.  Along with the system and games, a plethora of gaming accessory manufacturers are prepping a slew of accessories to deck you out from the start.  We’ve gone through what will be available and have devised a list of everything you will want to pick up so your ready to go with your Switch in any eventuality.  This is your survival guide; you might not need everything we’ve listed out, but you know you want it all anyways and your Switch will thank you for it.

10. Car Charger

Your on the road again, lucky enough to be in the passenger seat, or just want a fully charged Switch for your destination.  Knowing that the battery only lasts 3-6 hours, a car charger can be your Switch’s lifeline.  Don’t be a bad Switch owner, give it the lifeblood from your car it deserves.

9.  Headset

At launch there are not a whole lot of options for headsets, but PDP is bringing two choices to start with.  They have the LVL 1 coming as a perfect starter chat headset with a one ear cup design and in-line chat volume and mute controls.  The second option is the beefier LVL 3 for a true stereo option.  If your planning on doing any online, with Super Bomberman R for instance, either of these should be a must own.

8. eShop Card

Whether or not an eShop Card is going to be a requirement is going to be personal preference of putting your credit card onto your Switch’s or not.  Regardless, you’re going to want some eShop currency on day one. Snipperclips, Fast RMX, and I am Setsuna, to name a few, will all be available for download day one.  These are going to be some must have games, especially Snipperclips which will be some insanely fun co-op puzzling.

7.  Rechargeable Battery Pack

So you at this point you may have already chosen to go with a car charger, which of course is great for when you’re in a car.  What if your on a plane, boat, or train though?  What if you and your buddies finish up a game of hoops, as shown in the Switch reveal trailer, and have an impromptu local multiplayer game session.  Whatever the case may be, a rechargeable battery pack could come in mighty handy when you don’t have a power source nearby and your Switch is on its last legs.  Many on the market will already work for you, just make sure to grab one with a Type-C micro cable and you’ll be good to go for several more hours.

6.  Carrying Case

Being a console/handheld system, picking up a carrying case for your Switch is going to be a must have if your taking it on the go.  There are going to be a ton of choices right out the gate, but some are going to be better than others,  Obviously aesthetics will be a big part of it for your personal preference, but we suggest looking at whether it can fit a charger and if it has spots for some game cartridges.  A case for taking your Switch and Joy-Cons is one thing, a full on messenger bag will take it to another level.  Not only will a messenger bag protect your precious new system, but it will also fit everything you need on the go.  Some of the options we’ve seen already come with a removable case for the system, but also have spots for the charger, games, headsets, extra cables, dock, and more.  If you plan on taking everything with you to a friends or taking the whole system on vacation, this will be a perfect option.

5.  Micro SD Card

If you are planning on storing anything digital on your Switch, you will want to invent in a micro SD card on day one.  After giving us the minimal 32 GB max internal storage on the Wii U several years ago, Nintendo decided not to switch things up here and gave us the exact same amount.  If you go for Zelda digitally, half of your system space is already gone.  More importantly, you’ll want space for some of the amazing indie games that will be hitting at launch and after.  The system will be able to take micro cards up to 2 TB in the future, but for now we at least suggest adding a 128 GB card to it, a size you can typically find for $50 or under.

4.  Screen Protectors

If you are like us, any touch screen device we have needs to immediately have a screen protector put on in whatever makeshift, dust free zone we can find.  The Switch is going to be no different.  You are not going to want your beautiful new screen to get any permanent scratches right away, or at any point for that matter.  Most stores will be carrying basic screen protectors, even a few cases will have them included.  If you really want to go all out, Amazon even has a tempered glass option for a little extra protection that will definitely be going on ours.

3.  Joy-Con Charge Grip

The Joy-Cons themselves are going to have a hefty battery life to begin with, but what if you are in the middle of a pretty hefty charge session.  The grip included with the system doesn’t include the ability to charge the Joy-Cons.  One of the Joy-Con charge grips will let you charge up your controllers so you will never have to stop playing.  If long play sessions are not going to be in your future, at least consider that you can only charge one set off your Switch.  If you jump on an extra set, this will act as a second charger to make sure everything is good to go for your next get together.

2.  Pro Controller

Once you get your hands on the Joy-Cons, you’ll be pretty impressed with how comfortable they feel.  Still, there is no doubt they don’t quite feel like a traditional controller.  If you want that traditional feel, the Pro Controller is way to go.  It will melt like butter in your hands.  It feels amazing and had every bell and whistle you could want, such as the HD rumble, NFC reader, and a battery life that puts the Playstation 4 and Xbox One controllers to shame.  Sure, they are a little pricey, but the quality definitely makes it worth it.

1. Joy-Cons

Our final recommendation for the most needed accessory goes to an extra set of Joy-Cons.  Being a Nintendo system, the Switch is more than just playing by yourself.  It is a machine that begs to be shared with your friends and family through some local co-op.  The Joy-Cons are pricey at $80 for a pair, but to be fair,beyond all of the technology packed in each controller, its pretty close to getting two controllers for the price.  Most local co-op games that have been shown off allow each Joy-Con half to work as one controller.  One extra set will hook you up for four players right away, perfect for some Super Bomberman R on launch day or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe hitting in April.  It’s really the final thing you will not want to be without.

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