The Top Ten Games We Want On The Nintendo Switch

Can you believe it?  We are only five days away from Nintendo’s latest console hitting the stands, a system that is set to finally bridge the gap between a home console and handheld!  If you couldn’t tell how excited we are, we’re pretty freaking excited at First Appearance!

We’ve stuck by Nintendo through the good times and the bad and we cannot wait until everyone gets their hands on the Switch.  Of course, as great as the hardware is, it is only as good as the games that come to it.  As Nintendo fans, we know their own games are what will make or break the system.  While Nintendo has given us a good idea of what they have in store for the year, we just can’t stop thinking about what has yet to be announced, and most importantly to us, what classic games and franchises we want Nintendo to bring to the Switch.  While our list had plenty of possibilities, we’ve stuck with games that we haven’t seen one of their home consoles for quite some time.  These are franchises we’d sell our souls to Nintendo if they brought them over.

Check out our top ten picks below, but of course let us know what games you hope Nintendo has in store for us!


10.  Kid Icarus

We had to wait nearly 2 decades for a new Kid Icarus game to arrive.  In 2012, Nintendo finally released a follow-up with Uprising on the 3DS.  Our hype level was admittedly off the charts for the title.  It looked fast, fluid, beautiful.  When we finally got our hands on it, we realized Nintendo had once again hurt one of their own games by forcing crappy, gimmicky controls on it.  Having to use your stylus for aiming in Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS should have already made us realize we were in trouble.  Uprising coming packed in with a stand for your system so your arm wouldn’t get tired really should have made it clear this was going to get bad.  The game was awesome from every standpoint, except for the god awful aiming that ruined it.  An hour in made us want to saw our own hand off.  Its time for a new entry on the Switch that lives up to the beauty of Uprising, but one we can actually play through.


9.  Wave Race

We went through two console generations without a proper Wave Race.  The last time we saw the series was 15 years ago on the Gamecube with Blue Storm.  There certainly are not many jet ski games out there any more, and there certainly haven’t been any jet ski games on the same level.  We need a brand new entry with new and returning racers, tracks, tricks, and of course, dolphins.  With the HD rumble in the Joy-Cons, just think of the waves crashing against your hands as you fight the water.  Even just adding in a robust multiplayer with 8 player local co-op and online would make this memorable series shine once again.


8.  Luigi’s Mansion

Yes, Luigi’s Mansion hasn’t been gone for very long.  Nintendo finally gave us a sequel to the original Gamecube game with Dark Moon a few years ago.  While Dark Moon was a great addition, its lacked a bit of the personality the original had for the sake of making it more digestible on the go.  We want a new entry that brings back the fun we had capturing the ghost family of the original mansion.  Imagine feeling those poor little ghosts getting sucked up with the power of HD rumble in the Joy-Cons.  Or how about Mario takes the side role for some co-op with each player grabbing a Joy-Con half.  The series really has become one of Nintendo’s best gems and deserves to see an entry on the Switch.


7.  F-Zero

WTF Nintendo!?   F-Zero has always been one of the premier futuristic racers.  F-Zero GX on the Gamecube was so fast and frantic we constantly would rage quit, only to pick up the controller again and again and again.  Fast RMX and Redout are looking to fill the void on the Switch at launch, but its time for Nintendo to have Captain Falcon reclaim the crown.  Now 14 years later, we want to see how Nintendo can reinvent speed with the Switch hardware behind it, online play, and hopefully some track editing added in to boot!


6.  Custom Robo

We can’t be the only ones dying to see a new Custom Robo game, can we?  Back in the day, we had so much fun quickly customizing our bots for some free-for-all robot death match.  Going back to the last two entries on the Gamecube and DS, both games are still plenty of fun.  But simple everyday mechanics could change the game for the better, with some online play and DLC that would allow for a constant stream of new robo pieces to try out.  The series is ripe with potential, especially with an injection of modern technology to really let these robo’s rock.


5.  Pikmin

Nintendo’s greatest, completely fresh IP from the Gamecube generation needs to come to the Switch.  And it better not be a 2D platformer like the 3DS is getting later this year.  We want a full-fledged Pikmin 4, giving us new treasures, new pikmin types, and new wildlife to murder with our slave pikmin army.  The Wii U gave us the third entry, but we don’t want a repeat of the Wii generation where the most we got was the original two ported over.  Having a true Pikmin game you could take with you (again, not like the 3DS game incoming) would have us laying in the grass, seeing the sun again, playing while watching ants carry about whatever their business is.  Fine, we’re not going to be playing it in gross nature with the creepy ants, but wherever we go, we wouldn’t be able to put it down.


4.  Punch-Out!!

In 2009 Next Level Games finally brought us a new entry into Nintendo’s insanely fun boxing series.  It was everything we could have hoped for.  Heck, it even threw in Donkey Kong to kick your butt like Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream use to on the NES.  They left us wanting more, but then nothing.  The Wii U has come and gone without a follow-up to this beloved series, albeit re-releases on the Virtual Console and Little Mac in Super Smash Bros.  The Switch is bringing back motion controls with the Joy-Cons and with the attention they’re giving Arms, this is the time for Punch-Out’s triumphant return.  It melds rhythm, puzzle, and sports into one game as no other has.  Its time to bring the Mac back!


3.  Super Smash Bros

Of everything we have on this list, Super Smash Bros is the most obvious choice to eventually come to the Switch.  It’s not a matter of ‘what if’, just a matter of when.  To start things off, we would be more than happy to see Super Smash Bros Wii U Deluxe hit the Switch.  Add in all of the DLC of course, and how about all of the 3DS exclusives?  The Switch is a hybrid console after all, it should have the best from both worlds on it.  A complete package from the last generation could easily hold us over for a year or two until Nintendo can give us a brand new entry with lots of new characters and levels.  Super Smash on the TV and on the go in a single entry?  Dreams will come true on the Switch!


2.  Metroid Prime

As much as we love Nintendo and always will, lets face it, it can be a bit of an emotionally abusive relationship.  They get us pumped for a glorious, adult Link battling Ganon in a teaser for the Gamecube that blew our minds, to only flip it and give us Wind Waker (with no offense meant to the amazing Wind Waker).  After years of rabidly waiting for a new Metroid game to follow-up the fantastic Prime Trilogy and decent Other M, they finally gave us a new entry after a several year wait.  Except they gave us Metroid Prime Federation Force.  WTF Nintendo!? Enough of playing with our emotions, its time for an official followup to the Prime series, one that stands up to the quality Retro Studios made us expect.


1. Pokemon

Pokemon has made an appearance on every Nintendo system since the N64 in one way or another.  We’ve had some great titles (Pokemon Snap and Pokken Tournament) and we’ve had some weak links with Coliseum and Battle Revolution.  We’re not talking about off shoots here.  We’re talking about a true Pokemon game finally hitting the main Nintendo console.  There have been plenty of rumors about Pokemon Stars, a companion to Sun and Moon, hitting the Switch later this year.  If that’s it, we’ll take it.  We’ll take it and run away with our Switch and you’ll never see us again as we catch Pokemon as they were meant to be caught.  Don’t worry, we’d eventually come back, hungry and with a dead Switch, ready to pop it on the dock to keep playing on our TV.  We won’t jinx it by asking for a whole new generation on the Switch.  Though, that would be pretty amazing, Nintendo, hint hint.


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