The Forever War #1 Capsule Review


Title:  The Forever War #1

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Joe Haldeman

Artist: Marvano

Letterer: Cat Connery

Cover Artist:  Marvano & Jason Wordie, Steve Kurth, Marc Laming & Dylan Teague, Nick Percival, Marc Laming & Dee Cunliffe

Review:  ★★★★☆

Let it be said that if your going to do anything, do it right and do it yourself.  Joe Haldeman adapts his own novel from 1974 into illustrated form. There are gazillions (exaggeration) of science fiction stories out there.  I mean tons. Science Fiction tends to borrow from one another from time to time. As I began to read The Forever War, I felt like I had read before or seen it before. It initially came off as, well, boring.  Been there done that, sort of thing.  Did you know we been here before? In  1988 Joe Haleman and Marvano had done The Forever War. I guess I find it odd for them to be recreating a story that Joe himself has told twice already. So why would I say to buy this book? Well, as a fan you want to see how much they have re-spun material. The story is 40+ years old and you get to see how science fiction over the last 20 years has affected what Joe and Marvano have seen. I see many influences in this world that there too many to name. If you know nothing about the story, then it’s safe to say you’re in for a decent ride.

The humans have simply learned how to achieve faster than light space travel by jumping through a Black Hole. The story is a sci-fi military one that has a focus on Private Mandella. He gets dropped into a hostile environment that makes you wonder how he survives the trials. The main purpose of Mandella is to help some colonists on another world that have been attacked by the Taurans. The artwork by Marvano is really nice and clean. His designs are something that we have probably seen, but it comes off as more of an homage to what him and Joe did before. I would say I will continue to read The Forever War and I hope they can adapt the other two novels Joe Haldeman written in the series.

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