Ninjak #24 Capsule Review


Title:  Ninjak #24

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Matt Kindt

Artist:  Stephen Segovia, Ryan Lee, and Ulises Arreola

Colorist:  Ulises Arreola

Letterer:  Dave Sharpe

Cover Artist:  Ryan Bodenheim;  Ben Oliver;  Felipe Massafara;  Bilquis Evely and Kyle Andrukiewicz

Review:  ★★★

Ninjak had taken down each and every member of the Shadow Seven, albeit Roku, but he did it one at a time.  After they showed up at his apartment, he quickly finds that having to face them all is not going to be as easy.  Luckily for him, they are trying to recruit him, not kill him.  However, that doesn’t mean we’re not treated with a quick, beautiful opening fight sequence between them.  Things calm down the rest of the issue as we are introduced to the benefactor behind reuniting them all, Sandria Darque, Master Darque’s sister.  Her task is simple enough for Ninjak, well along with a little magic to help him.   It’s an interesting story do far, but it does have a few cracks in the foundation.  The opening fight scene, as eye-catching as it was, was really unneccessary, beyond adding in a little action to an otherwise slow issue.  It was to close to the comic trope of super powers fighting each other due to misunderstandings and the like.  Out of that as well, after hearing what Sandria needs Ninjak to do, I really don’t understand what the other Shadow Seven members are needed for anyways.  It seems like Ninjak is the key and really the only one needed for the entire thing.  Finally, it’s always annoying when a story arc can’t hold the same artist throughout.  Second issue in and we already have jumped to new artists.  Segovia’s art is at least similar in enough areas to Lanphear’s to make it not overly jarring.  Putting it all together, though, the story really needs a strong third issue to pick things back up.

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