Khaal: The Chronicles of the Galactic Emperor #2 Capsule Review


Title:  Khaal: The Chronicles of the Galactic Emperor #2

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Louis

Artist:  Valetin Secher

Colorist:  Delphine Rieu

Letterer:  Cat Connery

Cover Artist:  Steve Kurth

Review:  ★★★★☆

Titan Comics continues its Galactic Emperor story of Khaal right where the first issue left off. I’m huge fan of stories that continue without a break in time. Khaal has conquered the challengers to his throne. This second issue starts out with a little history and a revelation about our lead character (I usually want to say hero here, but it doesn’t apply to Khaal). The insight we get into Khaal helps us understand more about two of the side characters of the story. Truth be told, Khaal is incredibly vicious and ruthless. Being a just ruler isn’t exactly in his job description. The story is solid and I find it more believable for a barbaric sci-fi adventure of sorts. Valetin Secher’s artwork is gritty and dark making the whole thing a joy to watch unfold. The second comic is a much improved from the great first issue for another solid entry.


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