DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Legion of Doom Review

  • Episode: The Legion of Doom (S2E10)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


Ever so often, shows like Legend’s pull off a fantastic gem of an episode. This latest episode brings our primary villains Damian Darhk, Malcom Merlin, and Eobard Thawne into play. It makes me think that Greg Berlanti enjoys his villains more so than our legends.

In the previous episode, the three cads had captured a brain washed Rip Hunter in an effort to get the Spear of Destiny. Like any other super-villain team-up relationship things don’t really go as well as they should. Thawne tends to treat Darhk and Merlin like lackeys and stooges. If you’ve seen the other CW shows, you know that’s not a good thing. Darhk and Merlin even have an all out fight that breaks out the conversation about how they would end up betraying each other. The situation comes off incredibly original and worth every bit of screen time. We even get a nice glimpse of a mutual enemy of all speedsters. The whole thing comes off like a nice team building exercise where it’s nice to be on the outside watching.


Meanwhile the Legends themselves are trying to figure out how to stop the Legion of Doom. The Legion was properly named by Steel who grew up watching some superhero show on Saturday mornings. Sara repeatedly says she’s not calling them that. They completely have a grasp on what the Legion wants to do, but they are unsure about the speedster that’s causing all the time aberrations. It does seem like they do more talking than going into action in this particular show. The best part lately are Rory’s visions of Leonard Snart. I totally wish they would find some way to bring Captain Cold back. In all truths Rory/Heatwave is bad guy that really doesn’t need to be stuck in his current situation. Snart and him went to simply steal from history. Plus Rory is psychotic to boot, but he happens to keep the team honest.


The show is building up to an all out war where I can imagine they will bring another big bad into the mix. The show does make a point of cutting its ranks so we will see who comes and goes at end. The Vixen character is the more probable since she was from an older time period. The recent return of Rip Hunter also makes us wonder if Sara Lance might last the duration.

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