Loose Ends #1 Comic Capsule


Title:  Loose Ends #1 

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Chris Brunner

Color: Rico Renzi

Cover Artist:  Chris Brunner & Rico Renzi

Review:  ★★★★☆

Not all comic book stories are about super heroes that save the world. Some stories take place in small towns with small people with little goals. Sonny is a guy who has been doing drug runs for some questionable people. He has returned to his small town to settle a debt with an ex-girl friend from a past encounter. The setting is a small bar with two waitresses running the place and a couple of stereotypical jock types that are drunk. The story is nothing amazing if not but truly original.  But the ART is amazing! I truly believe the Chris Brunner’s work puts us right in that bar. It feels real and also surrealistic.  Rico Renzi throws the whole color palette at the reader. It’s bright, colorful and sets the mood very well. It’s incredibly gritty and down to earth as far as crime stories go. Plus the lady on the cover is a terrible waitress.  She is there for her looks so far, maybe part of the romance eventually? The introduction has me impatiently waiting until I can read more next month.

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