Dante #1 Comic Capsule


Title:  Dante #1

Publisher:  Image Comics/Top Cow

Writer:  Matt Hawkins & Jason Ning

Artist: Darrick Robertson

Colorist: Diego Rodriquez

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover Artist:  Darrick Robertson

Review:  ★★★★☆

“I have something to confess…Sometimes I like to kill people.” This is the opening quote to our tale which is grim and gruesome.  Dante is a hired hit-man that happens to be really be really good at his job. Yet he has the deep need to get “out” of the business. The reason behind his desire to quit being a homicidal killer is his dual life style. It’s a “True Lies” situation where he has a wife at home who isn’t aware of his “day job”.  During the process of trying to escape the “life” things do not go as plan. Dante ends the life of an innocent bystander who happens to have an evil grandma out for justice. At the risk of losing his family, Dante must go on a quest to redeem himself. Honestly, it all reminds me of ‘My name is Earl’ just not as a comedy of course. Dante’s story is one we’ve seen before, about a killer seeking redemption.  Darrick Robertson’s artwork is fantastic and detailed in all the right spots. I used to be a fan of his artwork in The New Warriors back in the 90’s. His facial expressions have extremely improved over the years. It’s not ground breaking and feels as though it has taken from several stories done before, but it still manages to be an enjoyable thriller worth reading.

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