Supergirl: Supergirl Lives Review

  • Episode: Supergirl Lives (S2E9)
  • Review:★★★★☆


The Supergirl show returns after a long holiday break with a guest director for us nerds. Kevin Smith of Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy lends his talents and flair to the Supergirl lore. Mostly he is there to get his daughter Harley Quinn Smith a job on the show.

The title of the show relates more to Kevin than most people might understand. Sometime ago, Kevin wrote script for a potential Superman movie titled “Superman Lives” which never happen and we ended up with Superman Returns. So there’s a bit of irony in play here.


The title works another way as other characters of the show attempt to find their places as heroes. Wynn has some life changing events that continue to mold his character into a better defender of the city. Mon-EL also has a coming to term with his ongoing quest to be a hero or whatever he ends up becoming. Mon-EL is more well-known in the pages of Legion of Super Heroes so his presence here is still a little off and awkward for long time comic readers. I hope they push the romance with Supergirl at some point. Mon-El has never really been a great Superman replacement, but simply a character that will probably sacrifice himself for the greater good eventually.


Now the show is called Supergirl. I should bring up something about her. Frankly she’s bored. With that our story opens with a strangely well-directed chase scene. Kevin Smith gets to shoot rockets at Supergirl during this jewel heist escape. The whole sequence allows the show to build the conflict between Supergirl and Guardian. I’m not a huge fan of the James Olsen/Guardian thing. I hope they get around to revealing to Supergirl so they can team-up proper. The thing that happens to make the Superman/girl stories interesting are the constant fact that they have to work around Supergirl being invulnerable. At a certain in the episode, Kara has to discover the issue of missing persons. She has to approach the situation differently because she has lost her powers. The climax ties the entire story together and throws Harley into the mix. The episode really provides a lot for the characters to build and grow upon and showcases what Smith can bring to the table.

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