Gotham: Mad Season – Smile Like You Mean It Review

  • Episode: Smile Like You Mean It (S3E13)
  • Review:★★★☆☆

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Gotham’s entire purpose is to tell the back story of James Gordon and various characters and villains that will eventually battle Batman in his prime. Mad Season has been strange to be sure. They consistently torture poor Jim with events that make him more of the hard-nosed cop that he truly is.  The current love of his life, Leslie Thompkins, hates him for killing her husband at the end of season break. I liked the combo of Jim and Lee so it’s painful to see the characters go at each other in a way that is very unsettling. No good will come of the whole thing. It also creates several moral conflicts within the GCP. Each event pushes Gordon up the hierarchy within the department.


Meanwhile, in Penguin land our fine mayor is trying to not have a mental breakdown. I have no idea why they want to make our bad guy politicians, unless they wanna make them worse.  It seems Gotham has been running smooth with the Penguin being the mayor/crime boss. Except Nygma is holding a grudge concerning his late girlfriend, who met a questionable end. The writers love to hate Penguin and building him up and breaking him down is painful to watch. In the end it should continue to make him a bad guy that can easily give Batman a hard time. Plus, if he made Gotham safe what would be the point of the Bat?


A good chunk of the episode is all about Dwight trying to resurrect Jerome’s legacy and body. It’s an interesting tie-in that the actor that plays Dwight (David Dastmalchian) also had a small role the Dark Knight movie. It seems like the entire point of the show is about bringing forth the coming of the Joker. Now whether or not Jerome Valeska ends up being the Joker, Cameron Monaghan does a fantastic job of pulling off a potential Joker like character. Jerome is dead isn’t he? Building of a legacy for the real Joker seems to be the show’s goal. Well this particular episode ends with a bang and it’s quite a good one at that.

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