Tomb Raider #12 Comic Capsule Review


Title:  Tomb Raider #12 

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Mariko Tamaki

Artist:  Phillip Sevy

Colorist: Michael Atiyeh  

Letterer:  Michael Heisler

Cover Artist:  Tula Lotay

Review:  ★★★★☆

Dark Horse Comics continues it’s run on Tomb Raider. We get to see Lara on the run chasing a group of terrorists that are led by a Himiko. The story is set in Berlin and the army Himiko looks like a bunch of “skin heads” out to do no good. I have to admit I haven’t read the previous issues so I try to take the story with what I get. For me Tomb Raider general comes across with Lara rushing into some tomb to discover some treasure. Choice and Sacrifice is a different type of story that gives a personal feel for Lara. Her goal is to save her possessed friend Sam. The story tellers do an excellent job of portraying the story with decent script, art and color. They also did a great job of avoiding Lara’s sex appeal to drive the story. While it’s not a traditional Tomb Raider story it’s still a quality read and the next issue should be worth the wait.

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