Movie News: Disney’s CEO Talks Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel and Spin-off Potential

Guess who has already seen the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel?  Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger!  Guess what he thought about the film?  He liked it, of course!  During a recent shareholders call he discussed having watched the film among the hopes they are placing on it.

“This August 1st, we’re looking forward to introducing the world to more fantastic Marvel storytelling, with a great cast of new characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, which we screened last week and we believe it has strong franchise potential.”

Later in the call he had a bit more to say about the possibility for a sequel and spin-off films for the individual characters.

“In addition to that, we’ve got a new film, Guardians of the Galaxy coming out August 1 in the United States this summer, which we’ve seen, I mentioned in my comments. We feel quite good about that too. That’s a whole other Marvel realm or universe in terms of where it takes place, the characters that populate it and the stories that you can tell for those characters. So, I think, I’m not going to predict that we’ve got another Avengers on our hands, but that’s certainly the goal.”

While it is not a surprise that Disney would want to milk the Guardians for everything it’s worth, I say bring it on!  Which character from Guardians of the Galaxy would you like to most see in a solo film?

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