Archie #16 Capsule Review


Title:  Archie #16

Publisher:  Archie Comics

Writer:  Mark Waid

Artist:  Joe Eisma

Colorist:  Andre Szymanowicz

Letterer:  Jack Morelli

Cover Artist:  Joe Eisma

Review:  ★★★★

“Featuring Cheryl Blossom” on the cover is a bit of a stretch this week.  While she has prominently featured into the last several issues, Dilton Doiley takes center stage for the first time in a story that is mostly unrelated to the rest of the ongoing story.  Dilton develops an app for the school which allows everyone to rate everyone in town based on five stars and a small comment.  Naturally being high school, the app takes a turn for the worst for everyone, except for Reggie Mantle who uses it to his advantage.  Cheryl does make a brief appearance, having arrived in Riverdale and already plotting her revenge on Veronica with her brother.  While Dilton’s story was entertaining, even if it’s a concept that’s been played out before, it was odd that the main continuing story got relegated to such a small part.  If only this story could have been told before or after Cheryl’s introduction, it would have been a much better fit into the series.

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