The Top 10 Films of 2017 We Can’t Wait To See

Let’s face it, January typically doesn’t bring much excitement with it.  Nothing very big really releases as we get a few weeks to unwind after the busy holiday season.  February is when things actually start rolling again which, in our minds, makes for the perfect time to start looking at what 2017 has to offer.  This year is ready to burst at the seams with comic film and more.  Take a look below at the top ten films of 2017 we can’t wait to see, and afterwards let us know what you’re looking forward to!


10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Who is not excited about the return of the Power Rangers? They have redesigned the suits and the trailers look fantastic and, most importantly, fun. Hopefully they have removed some of the cheese of that stupid robot Alpha 5 (sorry true fans). This entry makes the number 10 spot since it has taken them forever to put the movie out. We will all get to Morph into the theaters March 24th.


9. Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson returns to theaters with the live action remake of Ghost in the Shell. Recently we went back and re-watched the original and totally became more stoked for this adaptation of the story. Scarlett Johansson is a sci-fi queen that we love to see on the silver screen. She pulled a fantastic job in her last two comic/sci-fi outings of Lucy and Captain America Civil War. The visuals look incredible and hopefully the cop part of story grabs some of the humanity of the story. May all our limbs be upgraded in theaters on March 31st.


8.  The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Movie was a smash hit when it came out.  It provided us Will Arnett as the voice of Batman. I didn’t think they would actually make a full length Lego Batman movie, but here we are. While we are not as excited about this one as some of the other on the list, it still looks like a fun time. For those of us that have little ones to share the film with, it’ll be like experiencing the 1960’s Batman for them.  Meet us brick by brick in the Lego Batcave on February 10th.

justice league dark

7.  Justice League Dark

We know it’s not coming to your local theaters and we know that it’s available on digital right now for a small fee of $19.99. Justice League Dark is another exit from the DC Universe’s normal animated fair. They have taken a group of the super natural heroes and Batman to fight some super natural villains, including Felix Faust. The thing that makes me super excited about this animated feature is the return of Matt Ryan for the voice of Constantine. The Dark concept worked really well in the comic, so it’ll interesting to see how they translate the subject to the screen. As a mental note, the flick is rated R so maybe not for the kiddies. The movie will make a nice addition to anyone’s movie shelf on Feb 7th.


6. Logan

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. We all know it and we love it.  We have questioned some of the motivation from the other two movies, but this time it’s different. FOX has taken highly from the Old Man Logan story line to create this tale. In the process, it has given us X-23 who is a clone of Logan and is portrayed by Dafne Keen. Patrick Stewart also returns as Professor X. This is supposed to be the swan song for the Wolverine series.  Since the character in the comics has been on the down low it seems fitting. We can’t wait to spend our golden years with Old Man Logan on March 3rd.


5.  Justice League

The Justice League is #5.  What? Why? How come? We have been waiting for the Justice League movie for-like-ever.  Well, let’s face it.  Superman v Batman did not sit well with a lot of movie go-ers which drops it a few points.  The Justice League is just like Marvel making the Avengers, though.  It’s freaking exciting that we get to sit in a theater and watch all of our favorite heroes fight alongside each other. Now if Zach Synder learns from what the Avengers brought to the screen, its that it needs to have fun.  We are in the theaters to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. They are superheroes and most of the moral story is built into the fact that they are HEROES.  We will meet you all at the Hall of Justice November 17th.


4.  Thor Ragnarok

Marvel Studios is using Thor as its end of the year flick in 2017. First off, this is the third Thor film to come from Marvel and it could be a crushing picture. Ragnarok is the “Twilight of the God” and the battle to end all battles with the Earth becoming totally covered in water. It truly sounds ominous and epic. Thor is obviously returning, but he will also be bringing Hulk and Dr. Strange with him. Other Marvel characters such as Hela, Skurge, Valkyrie, and the villainous Grandmaster are set to appear to cause the God of Thunder some grief. This easily makes our #4 since it continues the path the next Avengers story and the all out battle against Thanos that is slowly coming. The Mighty Thor smashes into theaters on November 3rd.


3.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel continues it’s run with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. The first movie was some much fun. It had replay value and added to build of the Avengers Two Part series. I can imagine this next entry will give us more background on Thanos and expand the Marvel outer Universe even further. James Gunn and cast are all returning to the galaxy and lets hope they can push every exciting button we have now come to expect from Marvel Studios. Plus I cannot wait to buy the new sound track, perfect tracks for the movie.  Guardians of the Galaxy VOL. 2 hits our Galaxy May 5th.


2. Wonder Woman

Are you like us, you hear the Wonder Woman song from the old tv series in your head?  Why does the Amazon hit 2#on our list?  Gal Gadot looks incredible as Wonder Woman. Her performance in Superman vs Batman made us wanting more and more. PLUS, it’s about damn time they get this movie made! 75 years in the making.  Granted the story is set in the past and most of our non-comics folks are gonna need the back ground. So hopefully we will see you all on Paradise Island June 2nd.


1.  Spider-Man Homecoming

I’ll start about by saying Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a huge let down.  Just a plain painful experience of a Spider-Man movie. This is why we are so excited for Spider-man Homecoming. Sony decided to finally share the love and let Marvel do what Marvel does. Spidey appeared in Civil War last year and we loved it. Tom Holland makes an amazing Spider-Man. Plus Micheal Keaton plays the Vulture in this new episode of Spidey. There’s so much to look forward here that we simply just have to so spin into the theaters on July 7th.

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