Sherlock: The Blind Baker #1 Capsule Review


Title:  Sherlock:  The Blind Baker #1

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Steve Thompson

Artist:  Jay

Letterer:  Amoona Saohin

Cover Artist:  Jay


I am a fairly big Sherlock fan.  Seeing that Titan was releasing a new comic based on the show instantly had me intrigued.  Jumping into the story, and admittedly not looking at any of the previews or solicitations for this, it felt very familiar.  I quickly realized why.  This simply is a retelling of the second episode of the same name from Sherlock season one.  It goes word for word, almost panel for panel, but with manga style art and format.  As much as I originally enjoyed the episode, this issue brings nothing new to the table.  I must also admit I have never been much for manga, but regardless of that, this issue could have at least included new scenes or a new perspective to make it interesting.  Without that, why even bother?  If nothing else, it at least was a strong episode, so the story still holds up.  In that case though, just rewatch the episode and pass on this series.

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