The Flash: The New Rogues Review

  • Episode: The New Rogues (S03E04)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


The Flashpoint event created by Barry in the end of the second season changed many things in the show and even the general Arrowverse. The first episodes showed that they could change the initial character’s core roles. Granted it seemed like everyone jumped back into their “Team Flash” roles. There wasn’t enough angst to make the current outcome seem worth it which continues into the latest episode.


The show is about relationships;  to the core that’s where the show gets its heart. With Flashpoint going further away, Barry and Iris are now dating. It creates some really uncomfortable, but slightly funny moments when they are becoming more physical and Joe happens to walk in the room. It’s such a unique situation because Joe raised both on them.  While its fate for Barry/Iris to happen, for Joe it’s odd. I imagine this whole situation will have all kinds of growing pains going forward.


The episode is called New Rogues, meaning we get the appearances of some new villains, namely Mirror Master and Top. They haven’t really been the biggest threat for Barry in the comics, but they do cause some issues for our scarlet speedster here. The best thing is we get some quality scenes with Barry and Harry’s daughter Jessie Quick, who has become a speedster too. Something bad happens to Barry due to the new villains and the team has to rescue him, but some of the science is compared to a Ozzy Osborne record, a little out there.


Like many of the other shows on the CW the Flash has been subject to change. The writers are doing what they can to mix things up and keep us involved in the changes of the show. Ever since Harry returned with Jessie he has been saying he has to go back to solve his universe’s problems. The writers come up with a nifty way of switching out Harrison Wells of the multiverse. Our Harrison comes up with the idea to switch out himself with another Wells. It’s yet another situation that the characters put themselves into that seem like a good idea but will probably cost them down the line, but it’ll be fun to see where they go with it.

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