Mafia III Review

Publisher:  2K Games

Developer:  Hanger 13

MSRP: $59.99

Rated:  M

Release Date:  October 7th, 2016

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

Rating: ★★★★★

In the winter of 2014, 2K Games announced it would continue the Mafia franchise with the newly announced Mafia III. It would be almost 2 full years later when we’d get our hands on the game, but it was perhaps the best 2 year wait a fan could ask for.

Mafia III sees the player playing as protagonist Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who comes back from the war to join up with the Black Mob in his home city of New Bordeaux, Louisiana (a fictional version of New Orleans). The action begins pretty quickly with a successful bank heist, that leads to an epic and brutal betrayal between the Black Mob and the Italian Mob. Lincoln is betrayed by Sal Marcano, the leader of the Italian Mob.

The main goal of the game is to take out Marcano by dismantling his crime organization piece by piece. You start off with taking out the lowest of the low enforcers, until you find the Capo. Eliminating the Capo then gives you the ability to go after one of Marcano’s key enforcers. Once all have been killed, you then will target Marcano. As you eliminate each enforcer and Capo, you’ll get rackets and businesses that those enforcers/capos had. This is important because you have 3 under bosses that you can give each racket and each district to. Cassandra, Leader of the Haitians, Thomas Burke, Leader of the Irish, or Vito Scalleta, Leader of his own form of the Italian Mob. For series regulars, that last name will definitely bring memories back, as yes Vito from Mafia II returns as a very important side character.

Mafia III really shines within the atmosphere, as it takes place in 1968. The sites, the sounds are all there, with a killer soundtrack featuring some of the best songs from the era, as well as highlighting some of the vehicles that were important during that time. Also one important piece is put into place, Lincoln is a biracial man living in a 1960’s New Orleans , so there is a lot of racism that has to be dealt with. You’ll find diners that won’t allow you to come in as well as certain areas where crime is committed the police will react faster versus areas where crime happens a lot.

While Mafia III does have a lot to talk about, it does have a few problems that need to be spoke upon. There a few bugs here and there that can cause the player to die, whether it be not being able to take safe cover or getting run over while being in cover. Some of the dialog does sound off and or “cheesy” when not in cut scene and there are some times when certain areas are way to bright or way too dark.

While it does have shortcomings, Mafia III is definitely the crime game we have been waiting for. It definitely deserves a perfect score because it hits all the parts that make a game great. An awesome story that fully engrosses you, fine tuned controls, killer soundtrack, and most importantly for an open world game, a lot of fun things to do. Mafia III is definitely a game that should not be left sleeping with the fishes.

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