Gotham: Mad City – Anything For You Review

  • Episode: Mad City – Anything For You (S03E05)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

The truth about this season of Gotham is that everyone is mad, or crazy if you will.  Let’s list off the people who have gone nuts so far:  Gordon, check, Bullock, check, Lee, check, and Captain Barnes is full on his way. All the villains are already crazy and mad at the same time. Most of all the people of Gotham for voting Penguin the mayor of the city.

Oswald is now legit, but he still has issues keeping things in check. He has issues keeping Butch in check. Good thing Oswald has Nygma to help him out. The writers seem to really want to flip this character every chance they get. Edward is probably one of the more insane characters on the show. His experiences will continue to push him toward his eventual Riddler turn. The whole thing is a giant PR nightmare and the show has taken several flair cues from the Burton films.


Where does that leave the fake Bruce and the real Bruce? The fake Bruce continues to be more of a Batman then the real Bruce. Bruce can’t really dig into the whole because of his deal with the Court of Owls. I like that they continue to build on Bruce’s back story but I almost wish they didn’t.  We already know the history of how Bruce becomes so dark. This extra story makes hit hard to believe that he will ever actually don the cowl. Gotham has more than enough bad guys to build his story and history. Though, it does continue to help Bruce’s need for  relationship with Selena.


There are otherwise uneventful interactions between Gordon and Bruce. Selena and Ivy have a back and forth even though Selena doesn’t know who Ivy is at this point. Edward deals with just about everyone he needs to in the show. He deals with Lee, Fox and Zsasz. It’s all necessary evil to push Nygma into a higher villain status. It’s all well and good but where is our big bad?

Maybe that’s the Mad part of the Season.  Will  the Mad Hatter still have a bigger role to play? I hope not; just crazy can be boring.  Otherwise Gotham is still quality story telling for the unpredictable fun it brings us every week.


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