Bloodshot Reborn #16 Capsule Review


Title: Bloodshot Reborn #16

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Mico Suayan

Colorist: David Baron

Letterer: Dave Lanphear

Cover Artist: Tomas Giorello and Brian Reber; Ben Oliver; Stephen Segovia and David Baron; Ryan Bodenheim and Michael Garland; Darick Robertson and Diego Rodriquez; Sean Chen and Brian Reber

Review: ★★★★☆

With the shocking revelation of who Deathmate really is, or was for that matter, last issue, Ray finds himself with a new goal of helping his former friend.  He still has to deal with the fact that Deathmate is being controlled with a mission of killing him.  Having some help from Bloodhound, he might just be able to rescue Deathmate and the other Bloodshots from Project Rising Spirit.  Lemire does a great job of letting Ray go through the emotional turmoil throughout the issue while making sure the action doesn’t let up.  It’s a wonderful balance that hits all the right notes.  We still have plenty of questions we’re dying to know before the end of the arc which is making the wait for next month that more difficult.

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