Rai #16 Capsule Review


Title:  Rai #16

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Matt Kindt

Artist:  CaFu

Colorist:  Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer:  Dave Lanphear

Cover Artist:  David Mack;  Andres Guidaldo and Allen Passalaqua;  Clayton Crain;  Ryan Lee and Allen Passalaqua

Review:  ★★★★☆

The current arc and tie-in to 4001 A.D. has given us a look at father’s first attempts at creating his guardian for New Japan.  Its only proper that the last issue brings us back more into the current time line as we see the creation of the current Rai we know.  As we come to find out, the last Rai who lost everything because of Father had a strong role in setting the events of the series in motion.  It does a fantastic job on two fronts;  it serves as prequel to the series we’ve been enjoying, but also shows us what really was the beginning of the 4001 A.D. event.  While normal artist for both the main series and event series, Clayton Crain, takes a break, CaFu does a commendable job sliding into the role and keeping with the spirit of Crain’s art alive while brining his own take.  After this arc, while we still love Crain’s art, we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing CaFu stop by the series for a guest arc again later down the line.

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