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Suicide Squad(2016)

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The Squad

Going into the Squad I had my doubts. Poor reviews had been released and some critic had even given the movie a 0 out of 100. How does any movie with even a middle ground of quality score a zero. Well I proudly say I enjoyed the movie…remind you I say movie not film. This is not high art in any sense but I say it’s fun. The film stays true to the source material. In the short villains are called to do things they normally do but for a better “cause”. Of cours getting the normal protagonist to act a certain  way requires motivation. If you know the catch don’t give it way…cause I won’t kids.


Upon seeing the trailer for the first time and witnessing Will Smith rattle off cheesy lines that can only be held out for a comic movie. I had my doubts. After sitting through the movie I realized I missed Will Smith. He has his usual charisma and charm that makes him fun to watch. Making him a bad guy with a human side works well and grounds the audience even when Deadshot is apprehended by a certain DC character. Granted this is one of the few things that is really enjoyable about the movie.


Now many of you are asking what about the Joker and Harley. With a story like Suicide Squad it kinda makes it hard to use the Joker to his potential and I feel that you should know this going into the movie. It’s not a Joker story and Jared Leto does his job well. He pulls tons of material from previous Jokers before him. The truth we haven’t seen this Joker on the silver screen before…his obsession is Harley and that works here. I can’t wait to see this Joker with a devious plot to kill the Bat.

Margot Robbie

The other characters in the movie play their part and hold the movie together with a slighty thin plot to save the world. I could be super critical about how they have created the other chracters but yet again it works in the world that they are building. The DC “cinematic” universe is trying to copy the Marvel Universe in it’s own style. So stick around for the credits for the extra scene.  I think this is ment to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy…it’s got a little of that feel but no where as near as good as Guardians. It really needed a better big boss like nemisis.


Now…should you see it…sure…like I said it’s fun and adds to the DC universe in a decent way. The storytelling is a little jumbled in parts but cool for the most… It was nice to see that they credited the comic creators for their hard work on the comics that came before…Read Legends 1-6 1986 by  John Ostrander, Len Wein and John Byrne for some good source material.

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