E3 2016: God Of War Reboot Announced, Gameplay Trailer

Last night, during their conference, Sony officially unveiled the next chapter in the God Of War series. Kratos, now sporting an awesome beard, has taken his rage to a new Norse setting. That’s right, the next God Of War game will be about Vikings! The trailer, which gets right to the point and shows us gameplay off the bat, shows us the new direction the series is going in. First things first, they ditched the fixed camera the series is known for and replaced it with a traditional over the shoulder 3rd person camera. They also got rid of the normal hack and slash fighting in favor of a more traditional fighting system. The land looks beautiful, Kratos looks even more deadly (it’s the beard….ok no it’s just Kratos) and he now has a son who he’s trying to train to become a deadly warrior (we assume) You can check the trailer out below. Be sure to let us know if you’re excited for the next chapter in the God Of War series.

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