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This week we decided to explore our Comic Closet in a different light.  The suit isn’t always what makes the hero and this especially is the case for Ben Grimm.  The accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers caused him to turn into the ever-lovin blue-eyed Thing also gave him his unique look.  After that modesty went out the window and he prefered to stick to not much more than his underwear.  During various stories he has undergone even further changes to modify his look to make him even more “Thing” like.  We looked through the costumes, we’ve looked through his various physical changes.  Now we’ve decided on what we believe are his top five looks over the years, along with what we also believe deserves the distinguishment of dishonorable mention.  Check out what we chose below and let us know your choices in the comments!


5. Original

Ben’s first appearance as the Thing was nothing like his rocky appearance that we are normal used to seeing. It had seemed that Jack Kirby wasn’t real sure on what Ben was going to be when he first showed his ugly mug. This appearance didn’t seem to last long as it changed very soon. John Byrne briefly used this look during his run when Reed was trying to turn Ben back to normal. Ben also didn’t start with the FF blues either.


4. Fear Itself

During the Fear Itself story line Marvel unleashed the “FEAR ITSELF” Thing. Ben literally went to the Dark Side with this costume. His skin was reversed from orange to black. Giant red leaches attached themselves to his rocky texture. Pretty heavy metal looking, like a pissed off Megadeath roadie.  Now to be fair, Ben was possessed by Angrir:  Breaker of Souls. It’s that Asgardian hammer. Yeah, I know, real technical, but an evil Ben Grimm is never a good thing and he had to come to terms with the guilt that he felt from the damage he caused.


3. Spiky Thing

It had been determined that Ben was constantly mutating. During one of his transformations, Ben became the orange spiky monster you see before yourself. It actually increased his strength and mass by 40 percent. The form didn’t last long as I believe that the artists decided that it was simply a pain to draw, at least I’d imagine. It’s full of weird perspectives that never really made any sense. He did the standard blue trunks that he maintained for years, because, well, we really don’t need to see spiky little thing hanging out now do we.


4. Freedom Foundation Uniform

More recently Marvel had decided to re-brand the Fantastic Four after the “death” of the Human Torch. The team consisted of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Spider-Man and The Thing. Ben went white and it was sharp and a stunning look for a character generally in all orange. The chest emblem stood out and the boots were a nice touch. The whole uniform was very slimming for Mr. Grimm.  It was a nice change for him to actually receive a full costume for once.  We really don’t need to see those rocky nipples all the time, now do we?


1.  Classic

This is Ben at his best. It’s classic and the form that the Thing went toe to toe with Doctor Doom, Blastaar, and sometimes the Hulk. The Blue Suit protected his naughty bits and when you’re the Thing, it makes him comes off as one of the best tough guys out there. It’s a shame that the Fantastic Four isn’t around cause it was always super cool to have some of the Blue Eyed Thing around to kick butt.



Ms Marvel The She Thing

This is not Ben Grimm, but we still think it was fair to include and mock this terrible construct.  Some point in the 90’s someone at Marvel thought this was a good idea.  Nope, not at all, stupid even. Ben went through all kinds of issues with his appearance being the Thing. Can you imagine what this wrestler/super-hero went through? She even evolved to a rocky state like Ben, but in a much more creepy looking fashion.  One Thing is enough, we never needed a second.


Fantastic Four (2015 Film)


This was bad enough to warrant a second dishonorable mention.  He already looked pretty terrible to being with here.  In the film, modesty was out the door as we have to stare at his rocky-but-smooth, genderless crotch because it’s more realistic for him decide to skip pants this round.  ‘NUFF SAID.

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