The Top Ten Reasons To Go See X-Men: Apocalypse

Last week we took a look a why you should skip out on Fox’s latest take of Marvel’s merry band of mutants.  However, for every coin there is the flip side.  For the all the hate some of us spewed at the film, there were other things the rest of us enjoyed.  Even the worst films have some things to enjoy.  (Well, unless you are Fantastic Four.)  Those of us that actually enjoyed X-Men:  Apocalypse here at First Appearance have compiled what we see as the top ten reason’s why you should disregard the hate and actually make your way out to see the X-Men take on their must perilous journey yet.  We try to stay light on SPOILERS, sticking to what can be seen is trailers, but still take care.


10.  It Replaces Last Stand and X-Men Origins:  Wolverine

Both of these are things we will delve further into during this article.  Yet we cannot understate the importance of this.  These were the two worst movies in the now long X-Men franchise.  We haven’t found anyone to disagree with that.  X-Men: Apocalypse does the great job of having a similar feel of Last Stand, but simply remolding parts of both of those terrible films and reshaping them into something so much better.  Days of Future Past got the ball rolling by altering the timeline, but in X-Men:  Apocalypse we get to see several things done right this time.


9. Apocalypse

Apocalypse has been a big bad in the X-Men world since the 90’s. He is the world’s first mutant. He is near unstoppable and has the powers of a god. Every time he appears in the comic, you know at least one X-Man is leaving physically and/or emotionally damaged forever.  With that said, these are some big shoes to fill.  The first thing they got right was brining on Oscar Isaac.  He is a powerful actor that commands the screen.  Next, they made him powerful as s***!  We won’t reveal too much beyond the fact that the world the X-Men inhibit is never going to be the same after Apocalypse.


8. Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Where Apocalypse shows up his horsemen are sure to follow.  Storm (Famine), Angel (Death), Psylocke (Pestilence) and Magneto (War). Even X-Men fans who are not big on Apocalypse himself must admit they love his horsemen. Alexandra Shipp, Ben Hardy, Michael Fassbender, and Olivia Munn round-up the cast for a new take on the four, albeit Angel who was of course a must.  They are all great actors who get to seriously kick some ass in these roles.  They are easily one of the best parts of the film.


7. Returning, Younger X-Men

Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler return in full force to the X-Men fold in Apocalypse.  It’s been quite awhile since we’ve really seen either three characters in action.  All three got more short-changed during the original movies than they should have.  Now as we are introduced to them, they get plenty of screen time and the promise that we should see much more of them in the near future.  Luckily, the three new actors do a wonderful job slipping into the roles and making them their own.  They are the future of this franchise and that future is looking pretty bright.


6. The Mansion Gets Destroyed

If you are an avid X-Men reader, you know the Xavier School gets destroyed every other weekend.  We’re really not exaggerating much on that.  Yet, in the films we’ve never seen it destroyed.  (Unless you count X-Men:  Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut, which we aren’t since its technically a deleted scene.)  It’s about time that the mansion gets destroyed and the X-Men have to deal with it.  If you are an avid X-Men reader, you know the Xavier School gets rebuilt every other weekend.  We’re really not exaggerating much on that.  The film follows suit in this regard as well.  Either way its a X-Men trope we were glad to see, beyond the fact that it serves as one of the best scenes in the film.


5. Closing the Trilogy

This looks to be the closing of the “First Class” trilogy.  First Class was a fantastic film that put several characters, aka NOT Wolverine, into the spotlight to let them shine.  Days of Future Past came and brought one of our favorite comic storylines to the big screen.  We’ve come along way and either way, there will be further X-Men films.  Yet, capping off this excellent prequel trilogy, it serves as a wonderful sendoff to get us closer to where we came into the original, with the obvious timeline changes in place.


4. Jennifer Lawrence

Who cared about Mystique before Jennifer Lawrence took the role and turned the character into something completely different from we had seen from her before.  Lawrence has stated that this is her last X-Men film due to the hardships of all that blue paint.  Hopefully that is not the case because that would be a terrible shame.  Her performance as Mystique has been one of the shining lights of this round of X-Men films. After already taking a large role on the previous two films, she finally gets to step up even further, going toe to toe with Apocalypse.  This is a performance you won’t want to miss.


3. The Legend-waitforit-ary Return of Wolverine

Similar to the age-old adage of a tree falling in the woods, is a X-Men movie really a X-Men movie if Wolverine isn’t in it?  Luckily we haven’t had to find out yet and X-Men Apocalypse is no exception.  Having a bigger part than he did in X-Men:  First Class, while a smaller part than any of the others, he splashes onto the screen in a big way.  Best of all, he comes crashing in to put the final nail into the coffin/travesty that was X-Men Origins:  Wolverine.  Deadpool got the ball rolling, Wolverine does what he does best and finishes the job here.  Again, his part is small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of his best appearances yet.  Long live Wolverine and Hugh Jackman playing him!


2. Quicksilver

It’s easy to say that the single best thing in X-Men:  Days of Future Past was Quicksilver.  He stole the show with his Magneto prison breakout.  It’s also easy to say the single best thing about X-Men:  Apocalypse is Quicksilver once again.  Evan Peters nails the role, having complete fun with it.  It doesn’t hurt that the scenes he get are just plainly the most fun scenes there.  He once again steals the show with a scene that will have you talking about it long after the movie ends.  Lucky for us, this time he actually sticks around a little bit longer for some more great action.


1. Bryan Singer

When Brett Ratner stepped into Bryan Singer’s shoes to take on X-Men:  Last Stand, we cried.  Then we saw the film and cried some more while shaking our fists into the air, wondering what happened to the previously great series.  Bryan Singer is our shinning light when it comes to the mutants. He has already brought us three quality films to date with the original and Days of Future Past.  Singer has taken care with the X-Men, ensuring it is believable and spectacular to see our favorite mutants on-screen.  He knows these characters better than anyone else and is the only one we trust to deliver us a solid X-Men film.

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