The Top Ten Reasons To Go See Captain America: Civil War

This is a SPOILER FREE ZONE.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie, don’t worry about having anything spoiled.  As of writing this, we haven’t either.  We are basing this off of our own hopes for the film, along with what we can speculate from all the lovely trailers we’ve seen.  We have high hopes for this film and don’t expect to come out of the film disappointed.  Check out below for what we feel our the top ten reasons to go see Captain America:  Civil War this weekend!  (As if you need anymore reasons beyond it looking amazing!)


10. It’s Not Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice

We are not going to try to trash on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It had its weak spots along with some good things.  However, some of those weak areas were present because Warner Bros. only had Man of Steel to lead into Batman taking the battle to Superman.  Of course we all know Batman already, but not this Batman.  The film had to introduce us to a new Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and the other brief DC heroes shown in cameos. It wasn’t enough to make a well-developed case to pit these two against each other while introducing so many parts.  Marvel doesn’t have that problem.  Once again all of the previous films have been building towards this climax through the Avengers actions and Steve and Tony’s relationship.  You have to have laid the bricks first, and that certainly has already been accomplished for Civil War.

civil war falcon

9. A New Cap?

This is based on pure speculation since we have not seen the film yet, but will there be a new Captain America at the end?  Even if you are not familiar with the original Civil War series in the comics, you most likely have seen both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson take on the mantle of Captain America.  Will the film end with someone needing to take up the mantle besides Steve Rogers?  We’ll just have to wait to see, but we honestly wouldn’t mind either of his former sidekicks picking up the shield.

civil war stan lee

8. Stan Lee

At this point Stan Lee’s cameos are legendary. We use it as a reason to chew up the scenery and have a little fun with the flick.  We have to say we can’t help but smile as soon as we see him on screen.  All of his cameos so far have been pretty epic.  What have the writers come up with this time to showcase the man who made it all possible?  We can’t wait to find out.

civil war panther

7. Black Panther

Civil War will give us our first introduction to T’Challa.  We already know we are going to see him in a standalone soon, so this is going to be our first look at him on the big screen before that.  Just looking at him from the trailers, he looks badass already.  We for one cannot wait to see him in full action. While there are going to be plenty of heroes in Civil War fighting for screen time, this will give us our first taste if they can nail his character down enough for his standalone.  Right now all signs are pointing to yes.


6. Baron Zemo

We know that Daniel Brühl will be portraying Baron Helmut Zemo.  However, we still have no idea how he plays into the plot.  There has not even been a suggestion of him in any of the trailers.  Yet, the best villains are many times the ones working behind the shadows.  It doesn’t hurt that Brühl is a fantastic actor who is taking on one of Captain America’s most notorious villains behind the Red Skull.  We have a feeling his part is going to have a lot to do with the start of the Civil War, so watch out!

civil war crossbones

5. Crossbones is Back With A Vengeance

Crossbones makes his first costumed appearance in Civil War. It’ll be interesting to see how the writers use him in the film, as from what we know he should have a role central to the plot.  Actor Frank Grillo first appeared as Brock Rumlow in Winter Soldier.  He left that filmed with his true allegiance to Hydra revealed, and a pretty nasty set of burn scars all over his body.  We imagine he might want to have a few words for Cap and Falcon, let alone his former “ally” the Winter Soldier. Crossbones is essentially a kick ass evil version of Captain America and we can’t wait to see him unhinged.

Civil War - General Ross

4. Supporting Cast

Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) and Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) mark their return to the MCU, while May Parker (Marissa Tomei) makes her first appearance in Civil War. It’ll be really super cool to see how each character plays their part within the story line. Each character has their own past and issues with the characters within the film. Sharon Carter made a splash in The Winter Soldier.  Ross already did a terrific job in The Incredible Hulk.  Now we get to see what Marissa Tomei can bring to the role of Aunt May.

civil war avengers

3. The Avengers

Yes, this is a Captain America film.  We’ve heard plenty of talk about how Captain America still takes the center stage.  Yet, with all of the characters packed in, it’s also an Avengers movie.  Only this time they’re pitted against themselves.  It’s an old age argument on whether Captain America could take out Iron Man in a fight. Heroes have been fighting for decades. It’s what they are fighting for that makes all the difference. Is it a noble cause or just a play ground brawl.  Each Avenger has to make their choice and we’re excited to see why they decide how they do.

civil war spidey

2.  Spider-Man

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man finally comes on board with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m sure you knew this was going to happen;  as fans we’ve been clamoring for this since the first Avengers.  It’s good to see old webhead show up on screen in a more positive light, especially with the excitement we’ve been hearing behind his entrance.  I give Sony lots of love for stepping up and making this whole deal come together. Now let’s hope Spidey can play with the big boys.  Considering his first appearance in the trailer has him taking Cap’s shield, we imagine so.

civil war gauntlet

1. Infinity Wars

This is the object of everyone attention. It’s what all these stories are leading up to;  so what piece is going to show up here?  Will an infinity gem show up during the main movie in some way?  Will it feature into one of the end credit sequences?  The first two Captain America films both had references to it:  The First Avenger featured one as a main plot point, while The Winter Solider added it in the credits.  The Infinity War films are getting closer and closer, so hopefully we will have another tease in store during Civil War.

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