Arrow: Canary Cry Review

  • Episode: Canary Cry (S04E19)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

This episode spends most of its time dealing with events of the last episode’s loss. Hopefully by the title you gather that we have lost the Black Canary. Damien Darhk is by all cases a villain to the core. The basic fact he finally killed someone on the Arrow team was inevitable. It certainly gives him more weight and makes the whole team united on what must be done.

The writers gave us more of a reason to feel the loss of Laurel by giving us flashbacks throughout the episode. The flashbacks give us more insight into the past and manages to cut out the tedious island stuff that drags the show down week after week. It’s much harder for Captain Lance and his ex-wife because of Sarah’s death and rebirth. It gives us hope and actually some dread considering the fact that the show has been down that road.

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Lance actually thought that Laurel has her own “rebirth” with the arrival of a copycat Black Canary. Oliver spends his time in the episode by fighting and trying to figure out who this Canary happens to be. It’s one of those things that comes back to haunt Oliver. There’s also something else behind this new Canary’s return. She stole Laurel’s canary cry throat thingy and it was adjusted to a higher pitch. The arrival of this new Canary, along with Diggle blaming himself for Laurel’s death, gives Darhk’s wife plenty of reason to attack the Arrow team officially as mayor.


The episode does a great job of pulling at our heart-strings and making us believe we won’t to see Katie Cassidy in the leather outfit again. I just wish they would have taken a longer time before showcasing a new Canary, rather than the next episode after Laurel’s death.  It was just to soon to have any impact, not to mention the fact that it’s just plain odd that this girl knows how to use Laurel’s tech better than Laurel did.  I personally believe that the Green Arrow belongs with the Black Canary, ever since the first time I read the Justice League way back in the day. Of course the show has no problem veering away from the comics on plenty of things.

The show does crawl back into the “I blame myself” for this happening theme but does it in a much better light.  This time Oliver is not the one spiraling since he’s come along way since the beginning;  now its just up to him to keep his team together. Canary Cry comes full circle with the season intro and we get our Barry Allen cameo again. The sequence makes a whole lot more sense with everything the season has been going for.  It will be interesting to see the finale.



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