Quantum Break Review

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer:  Remedy Games

MSRP: $59.99

Rated:  M

Release Date:  April 5th, 2016

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Rating: ★★★★☆

Remedy  Games are known for their unique story telling, with Max Payne and Alan Wake being two of their biggest hits of action, near cinematic experiences. Quantum Break definitely falls under that category. With its unique blend of video game and live action TV show, Quantum Break brings in what the Xbox One has been missing.

We see the story take place with Jack Joyce, the main character you’ll control. Jack is caught in a time experiment with his best friend that ends up fracturing time. Jack is given a unique set of powers that allow him to stop time altogether, but it could be at a cost as the experiment could mean doom for all of mankind. Time is crumbling and it’s up to Jack to save it.

The opening ten minutes is about as slow as you can get for storytelling in a non episodic game, but it definitely rewards you once you get your powers. The moment I was given control over Jack and his new-found powers, I immediately uttered “Oh sh**” and “That was so cool!” as I froze time to kill enemies or dashed around to not get hit by their gunfire. This will also translate into the show, but I’ll get into that later. The powers you are gifted can be upgraded and are as follows: Time Stop, which does as it says. You aim and with the press of a button, you shoot out a quick burst that stops whatever area you are aimed at. Time Dash, which allows you to sort of quicksilver or Flash your way around an area to avoid bullets, melee attacks, or just to get around the area faster. Bullet Stack, which is essentially a shield that stops you from getting damaged as well as regenerates lost health.

Now onto the show. The TV show is really well written with some great acting.   The game factors into the show, by putting you into the role of the game’s main antagonist, Paul Serene. You are presented a choice at the end of each act, which are called Time Junctions. At these junctions, you’ll get Choice A and Choice B. You get to preview both choices, then decide which one you want to pick. Think of it as getting to choose just how bad, the bad guy really is. Once you’ve made your choice, a scene will play out in game, then it will cut to the show. The actions within the choice are reflected within the show. Say you chose to let someone escape, during the show it would be revealed that person actually had information that could help out the main protagonist if he/she runs into them.

Quantum Break definitely delivers on a great story, both in game and in a TV show format. The only real downfall I came across is there are frequent screen tears that occasionally will pop up and the enemy A.I. seem a little clueless one minute, then incredibly smart the next.  A little more balance could have gone a long way to make the game feel more even during certain action sequences.

Quantum Break is definitely a can’t miss game.  Even though we’re still early in the year, it’s an early front-runner for Game Of The Year. I can say without a doubt, this is a game that should be on the list for all Xbox One owners. Remedy Games has taken their unique game style to a whole new level with an experience like no other.

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