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Top 5 Costumes:  Spider-Man

Sadly our coverage of C2E2 last week postponed our weekly installment of Comic Closet as we attended panel after panel and took photo after photo of fantastic cosplayers.  Now that we’re back in the swing of things, we thought we’d start with one of the most popular heroes out there that happens to have not only a brand new spanking movie out now, but all a brand new relaunch with a #1.  Of course we are talking about the spectacular, the sensational, the amazing Spider-Man!  Not only has he had a slew of adjectives to describe him over the years in comics, he has also had a multitude of different suits that he has worn.  There is his iconic classic costume which we had to include, but he has put on more threads than most heroes. Many of these costumes will most likely make an appearance in November during Spider-Verse.  With there being so many costumes to choose from, did we pick your favorites, or were they left out in the bag for Goodwill? Let us know!


5.  Iron Spider:  When Peter decided to side with his good friend Tony Stark during Civil War, he was gifted with this new suit that had some extra special abilities and made the two match.  Peter was very happy with the upgrade, until he found out switching sides would almost cost him his Aunt, which then cost him his marriage.  While he wore it he had the benefit of some extra armor, improved visuals, and the three mechanical arms.  It was a nice upgrade, and when compared to his silver armor suit, this one stands on top.


4.  Ben Reilly Scarlet Sider:  This costume was a little divisive among us, but in the end it made the list.  When Ben Reilly came back to the New York scene, he needed a little something to fight crime with Peter using the original Spider-Man costume.  Sure, it looks a little scrounged together, but that’s what makes it cool.  In the off chance that not all heroes are maestros with a thread and needle, it is the Spider-Man costume that we could all feasibly put together and fight crime in.  The torn hoodie has a street, almost thug like feel that makes it look like he would play nice with the other street level Marvel heroes such as Daredevil and Luke Cage.

benreilly 3.  Ben Reilly Spider-Man:  We are giving a lot of love to Ben Reilly as you can see.  He might not have been as popular with the fans and ultimately got a Goblin glider to the chest, but he sure did have a good eye for fashion.  After much back and forth, he was finally revealed as the “real” Peter Parker, while the Peter we knew and loved decided it was time to retire his costume and enjoy married life with Mary Jane.  Ben Reilly took back his original mantle, but changed the costume as he was at this point a much different person.  Until the fan hate turned him back into the clone, being just another example of Norman Osborn messing with Peter’s life.  This is the best example of doing something new and different, while still paying respect to the classic costume.  The enlarged Spider on his chest is a nice choice, it looks very good wrapping around his body.  Considering how he died though, it might have been just a little to big of a target.  Finally, the mix-matched gloves are a welcome addition, they remind us of Gambit’s, and boy do we love Gambit.

2.  Black Costume:  When we say black costume we are not specifically talking about the symbiote.  While it is the most famous version, Peter has worn this many times without it being an alien suit.  The mono colors have been used to instill fear in his enemies and it is terrifying.  The simplistic nature of it means at night you wouldn’t see him coming at you until it was to late, if you were a criminal that is.  It also works in a pinch as a burial suit as Spider-Man once found out when facing off against Kraven.  You can’t go wrong with that.


1.  Original:  There was never much doubt, the classic costume is his best.  There is a reason fans get upset when they change his costume and want him to wear this again.  It is ingrained in our minds at this point that this costume is Spider-Man, regardless of how cool of a design an artist concocts.  We prefer the original without the webbing under the arms, but it works either way.  Spider-Man is at his best light and playful while dolling out justice and this costume represents that more so than any other.

Dishonorable Mention

The Hornet:  Some people might not remember this costume, or as they should have, blocked it from their memory.  This debuted during Marvel’s own Identity Crisis for Spider-Man when he was framed by Norman Osborn and had a bounty on his head.  Not being able to swing around the city and prove his innocence in his normal costume, this was one of four identities he used, and by far the worst.  Not by much mind you, as they were all pretty awful.  The wings?  Terrible.  The hemet?  Ridiculous.  The giant hornet on his chest?  Dumb.  There was not one thing we liked about the costume, except for that fact that Peter never wore this again.  Sure, you can’t tell this is Spider-Man, but if you were a criminal, could you really take him seriously?  We’ll blame this on the fact that he was probably stressed from being framed and quickly had to make four new costumes.  Scratch that, there is no reasonable excuse for this.

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