Is it Good? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Spoilers will follow, read at your own risk!!!

If ever there were a film that should have been a surefire success it was this one. The Big Blue Boy Scout vs The Dark Knight. It’s a story that should be exciting, a matchup for the ages. A license to print money. Unfortunately for all of us the film not only fails to come anywhere near it’s immeasurable must see film hype, it fails as a movie in general. Zack Snyder’s attempt at making a successor to Man of Steel and a precursor to a Justice League film falls well short of being a blockbuster.

While not all bad, it’s far from all good, or even all decent. If you enjoyed Snyder’s 2013 Man of Steel, you may enjoy this movie at least a little. If you fell into the burn it with fire camp on Man of Steel, you’ll most likely want to cast Batman v Superman into the fiery pits of the Underworld, as Zack Snyder proves to have learned nothing about making a proper film, let alone superhero film from his past transgressions. 300, arguably, being the only exception.

To sum up the plot, The government is unsure of Superman’s intentions after the events of Man of Steel and an incident that left civilians dead that opens of Batman v Superman. To say it is the open is actually untrue, as we are forced to set through the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne for the umpteenth time. Bruce Wayne is unsure of Superman as well. Everyone on planet Earth with the exception of Lois Lane is unsure of Superman it would seem. Alexander Luthor, son of Lex Luthor is the films main antagonist. He has discovered kryptonite and wants to weaponize it to protect humanity from Superman when he proves to be a false idol. Batman steals and weaponizes said krypotonite. Luthor begins to create a different super weapon and kidnaps Martha Kent in an attempt to get Superman to kill the Bat. Superman wants to enlist the help of Batman, but realizes he may need to kill him to save Martha from a fiery demise. While we are on this subject what is Snyder’s obsession with Supes killing people? As I said before, he’s learned nothing from Man of Steel. We finally get the big fight scene between Batman and Superman and while it is not terrible, it is far from the epic clash we hoped for and expected. Batman, true to form, has the upper hand, until Superman asks him to save Martha. Yep, uttering a name changes the game. Hey you’re mom’s name is Martha? So was mine! Let’s be totally be besties!! Le sigh to say the least. While the showdown is occurring Lex’s super weapon begins to come to life Frankenstein’s monster style, created with the help of the corpse of General Zod, his ship and a dab of Lex’s blood, Doomsday is born. That’s right Doomsday is birthed by Lex Luthor. (and the sighs keep coming.) The DC trinity must unite to stop Doomsday. (If you consider this a major spoiler you missed a trailer that gave it away.)

All in all, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an overstuffed mess of a film, that feels much longer than it is. It’s about a half hour too long as director Zack Snyder has stuffed the film with unneeded scenes that muddy the story. There is absolutely no character development and the fight scenes were bland and lacking. The blu-ray will feature an R-rated directors cut clocking in at 3 hours. A bloated film will attempt to stuff one more wafer thin mint down the gullet of an absolutely overflowing film. The film is topped only by The Lord of the Rings for oh god this must be the final scene moments. We get cameos from Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman to help setup the upcoming Justice League film. Of the cameos, Aquaman was perhaps the best. While Ezra Miller gets the most screen time as the Flash, his man bunned version of Barry Allen is a massive let down to fans of the character. It’s not all bad, just mostly disappointing. Ben Affleck is good as Bruce/Batman, much better than he was as Daredevil.  Those worried about his casting needn’t be. The same could be said for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She is arguably the best part of this film from a hero perspective. Hopefully her solo film can right DC’s film ship. Henry Cavill is pretty much the same wooden actor you remember from Man of Steel. Amy Adams returns as a serviceable Lois Lane. Jeremy Irons is very good as the more militaristic, hard edged version of Alfred J. Pennyworth. Jesse Eisenberg is terrible as Alexander Luthor, his performance seemed phoned in. Like he just wanted his rent check.

If DC wishes to establish a film brand the likes of Marvel they would be wise to part ways Zack Snyder now. A fresh perspective would work wonders, that or backing ten brinks trucks up to the door step of Christopher Nolan to get him back behind the camera. While is Batman series wasn’t without flaws, they are a far cry from the evils unleashed on us by Zack Snyder. While this is merely my take and I’m sure the other members of our staff will have their own. It is my judgement the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is sadly, NOT Good.

Review:  ★★☆☆☆

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg is in theaters now

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