The Top Ten Reasons To Go See Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Hello fans and lovers of the great fiction that we all love so well, the world of comic books.  We are discussing the spectacular film world today. There is nothing better than a little superhero in-fighting s we’ve seen time and again in the comics, just this time its on the big screen.  Superman and Batman have been around 75 plus years and they tangled from time to time. Hopefully Zack Snyder and company have put together a film that lives up to the height.  We aim to find out tonight, but before we see it, going in fresh, we’ve listed our top ten reasons for actually going to the theater tonight.  Check out what we’ve come up with below!

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10. It’s Not Fantastic Four

Alright, this one is for fun, but also has a valid point.  I don’t know how many times I get to say it, but Fantastic Four was a complete mess and overall, bad film.  If we want to flip to more DC related properties, this isn’t Batman Forever or Batman and Robin.  Or Green Lantern.  Or Superman IV.  We could go on, but those were fantastic films.  Is it a ringing endorsement to say we think this can’t possibly be as bas as those?  Maybe not, but the trailers shows this is going to be more competent than those, one worth checking out.


9. Watchmen

Zack Synder has a proven track record with superhero flicks. Watchmen was fantastic and was said to be un-filmable. While Alan Moore might have not enjoyed the adaptation, I would imagine he cashed his movie check or donated it. Zack adapted the film coherently and made it a solid, respectable comic movie.  We could also talk about 300 showing off some fantastic action sequences, but Watchmen can speak volumes on its own.


8. Battle Royale

It is Superman vs Batman, so we get to see the two go toe to toe. Now most of the coolness of the battle is Batman putting on the “Dark Knight” body armor to kick some boy scout butt. The trailers have also shown Superman slamming Bats into buildings and such. The only issue I have is that Batman generally fights those who do evil. Superman saved the world for pete sakes. Batman going after big blue seems somewhat out of character, though the trailers have also shown he could have some reasons after Metropolis.  We know they’ll join forces by the end, but watching them go out after each other even at the beginning should be fantastic.

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7. Batffleck

Does Ben Affleck have something to prove? Can he pull off the Dark Knight after critics and fans blasted him as Daredevil? I actually thought that Daredevil wasn’t too hateful and he did a solid performance.  He’s been up for numerous awards for acting a directing over the years, proving he is a solid performer all around.  Since the beginning we were excited to see what he could bring to the role.  If only he could get Matt Damon to join up as his boy wonder…


6. Doomsday

Doomsday has been one the most notorious villains that Superman had ever faced. I haven’t decided if this is one of the best aspects of the upcoming film or are they going to ruin him.  Considering the original Doomsday crushed most of the Justice League in the comics, his on-screen battle should be phenomenal, we hope.  We’ve heard the rumbles of his origin in the film which could be a little out there.  We’re going to reserve judgement on him and stay optimistic.


5. Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash

Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller have been tapped to appear in Superman vs Batman:  Dawn of Justice. We’re not expecting to see much of any of them, but how cool is it of them even appearing as cameos?  It should be extremely exciting to see them in the flesh on the big screen, even just a small look.


4. Jessie Eisenberg

Jessie has been tapped to play one of the all time greatest villains, Lex Luthor. Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey both did solid jobs playing the role, regardless of the success or disappointment of the previous Superman films. Whether or not Jessie can make it work remains to be seen. I did enjoy his parts in the Social Network and Zombieland.  He’s probably our biggest question mark in the film, but we’ve seen him do great things before and are hoping he nails it here.


3. Wonder Woman’s Big Screen Debut

Gal Gadot has made notable appearances in two of the Fast and Furious films. I must say she looks fantastic in the Diana Prince roll, an amazon warrior princess that is here to kick butt and get between our two battling heroes. Wonder Woman closes the gap on what we refer to as the DC big three. It’s something that we have wanted to see for years. She’s finally here and ready to kick some major ass.


2. Solo Batman Movie

If this gets off the ground and is successful we should get another solo Batman film. Sure, it’s going to have to pull off a lot to match the quality of the last trilogy.  Still, it will have Affleck in the lead.  The best part is that he might write and direct the film. Remember, he has Oscars for both.  Christopher Nolan gave us some of the greatest Batman films created so hopefully Ben gets the chance to do the same.

justice league

1. All Roads Lead To Justice League

The subtitle is Dawn of Justice. If the Avengers proved one thing, it can be done.  Marvel did it a little slower, but FOX has been making X-Men movies with mostly great success for years. The truth is we want it, we need it.  Seeing all of DC’s main heroes lumped together for one giant film should be spectacular.  We can’t imagine there is really much that can derail the Justice League film at this point, but a several disappointing box office turnout could.  We doubt that will happen, but regardless, we’re making sure to throw in our support this weekend.

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