Star Wars Black Series 6″ Darth Vader Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $19.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 2 – Wave 1

Review: ★★★★☆

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Before the prequels turned him into a whiny little brat, someone we cheered as he burned on the planet Mustafar after losing a few limbs, there was the fearsome and tragic Darth Vader.  Anakin’s annoying transformation into Darth Vader in those films hurt, but were not enough to make us lose respect for what he eventually turned into.  This figure is a great reminder of what an iconic villain he was, and really still is.  It certainly helps that this is one of the best Darth Vader figures we have ever owned.

Physically, what is more iconic about Darth Vader than his helmet?  Hasbro not only did a fantastic job molding his helmet, but smartly as we have seen before, they went with the decision to make it removable.  When it is on, it looks seamless.  When you take it off, they made sure to include plenty of detail.  They included the scarring on his face and fine detailing of his breathing piece inside.  The figure looks great whichever way you decide to display it.

The rest of the figure looks very sharp, with his shoulder plate, his chest piece, and some meticulous texturing on the whole costume.  What really makes him stand out from afar is the use of fabric.  He features dual layering of the fabric for a very authentic look.  They used fabric on the inside to go down from his shoulder plate and underneath his belt to fan out from the back.  His actual cape uses a tiny chain that hangs are his chest to flow down.  The capes length can be a tad irritating since you have to push it out of the way to position him, but it adds a nice billowing effect for action poses.

While this is nearly a perfect figure, his left hand really bothers us.  His elbow joint naturally curves and doesn’t allow for much placement.  You certainly cannot pose him to hold his lightsaber with two hands.  His left hand curves outward slightly, which when paired with the elbow curve, just looks awkward.  If you leave it down at his side it doesn’t quite look right.  In action poses it fairs a little better, but his hand is molded into a strange position which is not quite open and not quite closed.  It’s as if he is trying to reach out and touch somebody.  We would have at least prefered his hand to be positioned for a force choke.  As it is, it’s just off-putting.

If not for his strange left arm that has its share of problems, this would be a perfect figure.  It nearly is.  The detailing is wonderful, especially with his removable helmet.  The use of fabric is fantastic, some of the best use we’ve seen in the Black Series.  This is a figure where the power of the dark side truly is strong.

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