The Gingerdead Man #1 Capsule Review


Title:  The Gingerdead Man #1

Publisher:  Action Lab Entertainment

Writer:  Brockton McKinney

Artist:  Sergio Ross

Colorist:  Marcelo Costa

Cover Artist:  Sergio Ross;  Dan Mendoza

Review:  ★★★☆☆

After having successfully continued the story of the cult favorite film series Puppet Master in comic form, Action Lab has now moved on to continue the story of a franchise we imagine no one really asked for to begin with, The Gingerdead Man.  For the unfamiliar, the original film starred Gary Busey as Millard Findlemeyer, a murderer who was brought back to life through magic and dough to continue on with killing.  It’s just as terrible as you might imagine, yet still spawned several films and now a comic series.  Considering the killer is a literal “cookie monster”, you should know what to expect going in.  Yet just as the film intended to be so bad that it was good, the first issue actually fits that bill nicely.  After being accidentally brought back by a group of drug dealers, Millard jumps right into gory deaths only a gingerdead man could perpetrate.  Honestly, we don’t think we could bear to watch the films again.  As a comic, however, it actually comes out just right as an interesting dessert.

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