Back to the Future #5 Capsule Review


Title:  Back to the Future #5

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Bob Gale;  John Barber;  Erik Burnham

Artist:  Marcelo Ferreira

Colorist:  Diego Rodriguez

Letterer:  Shawn Lee

Cover Artist:  Dan Schoening and Diego Rodriguez;  Dan Schoening;  Dennis Calero

Review:  ★★★☆☆

As much as we know about Marty and Doc, we have never truly gotten to know the two women in their lives very well.  At least in the case of Clara, this issue finally aims to change that.  While Doc and his family prepare for their return to the present, Clara takes control of the narration to explain what brought her to the West in the first place.  Just like Doc, she had a wonderful imagination mind that made her dream of things her time and place just couldn’t provide.  The second part of the story has less of an impact, but still gives us an interesting glimpse at what happened to Doc in the alternate, Biff-centric, present.  Both portions work together to show that the couple meeting really was part of their destiny.  It perhaps makes for a slower, dryer story than the other issues have been, but still very important in strengthening the foundation laid in the films.

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