Star Wars Black Series 6″ Luke Skywalker (Final Jedi Duel) Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $19.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 2 – Wave 1

Review: ★★★☆☆

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Being the most popular Jedi in the universe affords many luxuries including, but obviously not limited to, having several figures in Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series line.  Luke Skywalker boasts more figures in the line than any other character currently, with four options available, a fifth on the way.  In terms of moments from the films, in our minds this is the ultimate Luke costume as he goes to confront his father and Palpatine once and for all.  How well did Hasbro translate film to figure with Luke’s final garb?  This Jedi Knight could have used a little more training.

The main problem with the figure starts right at the top:  his head.  His hair is alright, a decent paint job, a good amount of texture, though overall a little lackluster.  His facial sculpt is just a little off.  The two Luke figures that came before have a better resemblance than the one here.  On the figure we have, the hair-line paint is just a little off and the eye paint is a little skewed, which admittedly could be what throws his face off for us in the first place.

Overall his body sculpt is actually fairly well made.  Honestly his clothing here is basic, so there isn’t much going on with it.  How can you go wrong with plain black?  Even so, they add some folds and texturing to it for a nice appearance.  They even made sure that he has his glove on his right hand.  The most interesting addition comes from the front of his jacket.  It’s actually a removable piece, so you can have it buttoned up for formal Luke, or the piece with a couple of buttons undone for a casual Luke.  We prefer casual Luke;  he’s there to confront his destiny, but his also ready to party.

He has multiple articulation points for lots of great ways to pose him.  Even his upper thighs swivel so you can position him better.  The black helps hide the various joints better than many figures.

Beyond his swappable shirt piece, his lightsaber is his sole accessory.  The handle has some fantastic details and boasts fine painted details.  It does feel a little to malleable though;  we would have liked it to be more solid of a piece.  The actual green blade is solid, and removable.  His belt features a small hook so you can attach the hilt without the blade if you don’t want him holding it in pose.

While it’s a nice figure for the most part, having an awkward head just throws everything else off slightly.  Its disappointing, because otherwise this is one of our favorite costumes for Luke.  It still is a nice piece for your collection, even if it doesn’t meet our lofty expectations for what this figure could have been.

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