Batman: Bad Blood Review

  • Title:  Batman: Bad Blood
  • Director: Jay Olvia
  • Review:  ★★★

I feel the need to start by saying I am not sure how much I like how “adult” they have been going with the animated movies lately.  I understand how great a medium animation is, with being able to lay out scenes just they way you want them.  Yet, when I walk into a Best Buy and see this in the kids section, I am compelled to move it to another section.  Seriously, the Arkham film in the kids section, and even with my grown up obsession with Harley Quinn, I feel it will be more appropriate in Suicide Squad, not an animated film. This was a bit scaled back, but they still had their fair share of adult thrown in.

This is a story we have seen many times, but I truly like the spin on this version of just what would happen if Batman disappeared for some reason. This story pulls in several other good guys, a few villains, even nuns with machine guns, and the nunjas; just wait you’ll see.  As you might have gathered from my opening statement, this is a dark look into Ra’s al Ghul’s creation of a perfect soldier. What makes Batman so perfect though? Is it the training, the pain, the people around him? Is it even possible to replicate? It’s not the first time we have seen Ra’s people try to take this route.  Now that he is gone, its time for his daughter to try.

The voice acting in the film was done very well.  There is a good amount of action in Bad Blood, but the artists used this fact to slack off a bit. There are some scenes where there is a lack of detail in the backgrounds because you are meant to focus on the action.  The lack of some basic details is very noticeable and disappointing.

It was fun to see some of my favorite characters on the screen that we will never see on the big screen.  As much as I would love to give this a perfect score, I can’t because there is a point where Batman just changes his mind in order to help the story along.  They didn’t spend long enough ending the film, it just ends abruptly for the most part, even though it otherwise kept a good pace. Overall it was a solid entry into DC Comic’s animated, though flawed.

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