The Top Ten Reasons To Go See Deadpool

First Appearance Top Ten List returns with a mad mutant vengeance in honor of everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool. This week Twentieth Century Fox releases the Deadpool film we’ve been clamoring for in theaters. Now I know you don’t need anymore reason to go see this flick other than its Deadpool, we still wanted to compile the best reasons why EVERYONE should go see this.  Check out our thoughts below!


10. Fantastic Four

It’s not the Fantastic Four. The last Marvel film that Twentieth Century Fox gave us was the abomination that was the Fantastic Four. Let’s face it, you didn’t drop your 10 bucks to see Marvel’s first family, this was something else.  Now Fox has come back with another Marvel attempt.  Unlike the Fantastic Four which had fans seething after the initial trailers, Deadpool’s trailers showed right away that we were getting the film we deserved.  Like a giant swig of mouth wash, watch Deadpool and finally burn away the terrible aftertaste of Marvel’s first family.


9. Deadpool Sequel

If the movie does well at the box office, Fox will make another. It already sounds like it’s a given, but going back to the Fantastic Four, it had a sequel initially planned we may never see.  Besides, Reynolds has already said he is not going to play anymore comic book heroes besides Deadpool. I know, we all just had a big sigh of relief that he will not attempt the Green Lantern again.  Give Fox your money, get a sequel we actually want.


8. Valentine’s Day

If your going to take the loved one to a feature film, why not Deadpool? It’s an action packed shoot out with lot’s of swords. Ryan Reynolds has a sexy love interest with Morena Baccarin (Gotham). It’s also supposed be the first Marvel feature with some steamy love scenes, or just Ryan Reynolds showing off his butt and then some. I had my 15 year old teenager tell my wife it’s a romance and it is.  Worst comes to worse, no one is going to complain about having to see Ryan Reynolds on Valentine’s Day, even if he looks like an avocado that had sex with an older avocado.


7. The X-Men Connection

Deadpool’s origins tie closely to the X-Men. Fox has done a fairly decent amount of work on the X-men lore, and it has a pretty good winning ratio, with a big notable exception of Reynolds first, terrible Deadpool appearance that luckily was wiped away with Days of Future Past.  Anyways, Colossus makes an appearance in the film along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  Long time Deadpool fans can also say Domino is kind of in the film, at least who we thought was Domino (catch up on your original X-Force if you’re lost!)


6.  Cult Favorite

Deadpool is not a main stream character at all. Heck, he was mainly a ripoff of Deathstroke originally.  He’s mostly jumped out of cult status, but still won’t be known by everyone.  It’s something fresh for the “non” comic book people in the world. Everybody knows Spider-man by now, Superman, Batman, etc.. The Avengers have two flicks and numerous solo adventures. It will be interesting to see if the masses come out to see Deadpool. It’s also not a traditional character in any sense but he’s a hell of a lot of fun.  Plus, you can dazzle everyone around you with your knowledge of the Deadpool, Death, Thanos, love triangle to the average Avengers film fan.


5. The Costume

Have you seen the costume? It’s freaking perfect!  There’s hasn’t been any other costume quiet as close to the fabulous-ness of the new Deadpool costume, or one that is so true to the comics. I know Iron Man’s suit was really good, but he didn’t have a bunch of guns or two pig stickers hanging on his back. The suit looks like it jumped off oc Rob Leifield page.  Plus we find out why the suit is red in a more practical sense.  I.E. he kills a lot of bad people.  Well, a lot of people.


4. Powers

Did you know Deadpool really isn’t a mutant? He’s just a badass assassin who is the best at what he does.  Well, and Wolverine’s healing factor was implanted into him, to save him from the cancer killing him.  Other than that, he’s just a badass assassin.  Fine, the healing factor is pretty sweet and should get played up fairly well in the film.  We already know the healing factor saved him, but terribly scared his skin.  We’re pretty sure we will also see some regenerating of some pretty nasty wounds.

3. Pure Fun

The movie is straight up fun. Whether you’re a comic fan or not, this is Looney Tunes for everyone that has gotten older, but stayed a kid at heart.  Well, and for those of us that thought Looney Tunes need much more cursing and violence.  It’s a fantastic action flick that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but crafts itself to simply entertain the audience. Believe it or not Deadpool’s story is a simple one that everyone should have a blast with.


2.  Roads Lead To X-Force

While it has already been announced, if this does good, X-Force will obviously be locked down, most likely with Deadpool in one of the main spots.  Reynolds has already started talking about the film.  Could his enthusiasm be enough to convince Hugh Jackman to join on as Wolverine, to showcase a lineup closer to Rick Remender’s recent run?  We assume Cable will join, if we had those three do we really need anything else?


1. Ryan Reynolds

I have been a fan of Ryan since I saw him in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, others at the site since Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Parlor, back in the day. He’s already proved that he can pull off the roll in the X-Men:  Origins Wolverine, well before they disfigured him and sewed his mouth shut.  He definitely fits the bill for the role with the “Merc with the Mouth”.  He’s been excited about the movie since before they announced the film. It’s awesome to see an actor get behind a role so passionately.  It can’t help but get us excited to see this.

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