Star Wars Black Series 6″ Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $19.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 2 – Wave 5

Review: ★★★★☆

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What Star Wars collection could be complete without an awesome Leia figure.  While there are rumors of a Leia from A New Hope coming to the Black Series 6-inch line soon, currently you have two options  The first to release was the Leia in her famous slave girl outfit, one that missed the mark in a big way due to the articulation sticking out like a sore thumb on the mostly skin costume.  The second, and clear winner, is Leia in Boushh disguise.  Also coming straight from Return of the Jedi, this is the Leia figure your collection deserves.

One of the first Star Wars figures I ever owned was the original 90’s Power of the Force Princess Leia Organa figures.  It happened to feature one of the worst head-sculpts I had ever seen from the line, looking as though it belonged on a Planet of the Apes figure instead of on Leia’s body.  Every Leia figure since then has been compared to that, as that hideous figure has haunted my nightmares.  With this figure, I can finally sleep easy.  The head is very soft and femine, really capturing Carrie Fisher’s face and hair.  To go along with that, you have Boussh’s helmet replicated perfectly which you can put on her as well.  The only thing I would be careful of is putting the helmet on and off to often.  Her nose is sculpted out nicely, but the mask goes against it coming on and off, which could potentially cause it to get sanded down.

Her clothing was very well done, with great detail put into the various straps and belts.  On her back, they even included a fabric cape which gives it that authentic touch.  She features several articulation points, which on her arms are well hidden.  Her knees have the only articulation points that really stick out, which is a mixture of the design of the pants and the color.

Her included accessories are fantastic finishing touches for the figure.  Her backpack is included with fine detail and painted lettering for the symbols.  Her staff is simple enough that it would have been hard for Hasbro to really screw it up, but it makes a great addition.  The best part also happens to be the smallest part:  a thermal detonator.  Her left hand is sculpted to perfectly hold it so you can have her forever posing in her most badass Return of the Jedi scene.  A small feature that you could easily not notice is that her belt actually has a peg where you can secure the detonator so if you don’t want her holding it and don’t want to lose it.

We’re still hoping to see some more Leia figures in the Black Line series, this could be the only one you really need, if you stick to just one.  It is a great sculpt, well articulated, and comes with some really cool accessories.  It’s a figure I’d certainly pay fifty thousand for.  Well, maybe thirty-five thousand.

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