X-O Manowar #44 Capsule Review


Title:  X-O Manowar #44

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Robert Venditti

Artist:  Robert Gill

Colorist:  Ulises Arreola

Letterer:  Dave Sharpe

Cover Artist:  Phil Jimenez and Ulises Arreola;  Stephen Mooney;  Stephen Segovia and Brian Reber

Review:  ★★★★☆

Aric and Ninjak continue their swath through the hidden Vine plantlings.  The plan works as its supposed to in a way, causing Trill to finally take action through the Vine hive mind.  It was inevitable in his plot, but now that he is reaching out to the rest of his race, it cannot mean anything good for Earth.  With Aric away, the Armorines are tasked with keeping the peace between the locals and the Vine settlers.  Several members of the group seem to relate to the angry locals, perhaps enough to go against orders before this chapter ends.  The issue feels a little Ninjak heavy, as our favorite spy really does the heavy lifting while Aric stands back and watches.  We’re all for plenty of Ninjak, but we want to see the title character have a little more to do with the story than he currently does.  The end at least suggests Aric is ready to jump into the forefront, quite literally.  War is starting to brew and Aric’s actions might accidentally push that into full fruition.

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